Friday, August 30, 2013

Kayaking & Gymnastics in one week!

I tried TWO new fitness related things in one week!
Who am I? Where is the girl that needs structure and plans?
The girl that NEVER goes outside her comfort level??

I got invited to a 10 mile kayak trip with one person i knew.
Typically i prefer a canoe. So my first time kayaking ever and i loved it.
the water was a little low, so i got a serious are work out.
plus i got tan, not burned! woop!
(i am in the grey racer back and baseball hat)
Ok, so i love being outside and in nature so this was great. a bit long and we did not have enough water but i was a blast.

I got invited to 'try' a gymnastics class.

To say i was scared was an understatement.
I have never been flexible or strong, or had good balance.
Plus new things tend to make me really anxious.
It was pretty fun though i was stressed the entire time.
I have no balance still, when i jump on the trampoline track i feel really unsteady, and i did lifts on the bar.

I had a huge NSV though.
As we were stretching together, they did a bridge.
first, i had to ask, then when they showed me. (its like a back bend, lay flat on back, then lift your belly up from your hands and feet).
terror, ive been here all of 5 minutes and they already expect me to do something i cant...
I quietly said "umm i've never been able to do that" - true story, never in high school or yoga in college.
The coach come over, "ill give you a spot, just try"
deep breathe
BAM! i popped right up.
Now i didnt hold it for long.
BUT I HAVE NEVEREVER done this before in my life!!

As for the class, not sure if ill sign up. its 8 week (including last night) and $120. And I am 100% sure i will miss one class. so its a little pricey.
....but part of me feels like i need to push myself outside my comfort levels to really enjoy myself.
advice? Should i do it? its alot of money for us. it doesnt bother my leg which is great.

What should i do?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sad Thrusday

It's my favorite blog day and I'm empty handed so I'm not linking up.
But please go check out Kristin and her wonderful Thirsty Thursday link up party!

I did see this on Pinterest though and cannot wait to try it!! Yum!!

Pumpkin Beertail
Ingredients (makes 4 glasses)
- 3 bottles of Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale
- 1/2 bottle Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider
- 4 cinnamon sticks
- 4 lemon wedges
- a sprinkle of cinnamon

Add sticks, and fill part way with beer and top with sparkling cider, granish with lemon but i think it would be good with oranges since its Blue Moon. Also would be good with Sam Adams.

Going forward i am trying to cut out my drinking for a while.
So far i havent been successful.
What really makes me sad is not doing this link up, though i will continue to read all the cool awesomeness.
But really i need a break from my dranks and to get back into healthy habits with food.
when i drink i tend to eat bad.

Well just a quick one today. craziness at work. anyone wanna hire me? I'll take it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What Wednesdays...

I'm linking an image here because i can't seem to get the button.
Fantasic blogger fail.

Today I am saying SO WHAT IF
  • T-Dubs and I can't make ANY paint color decisions. Fights ensure.
  • I havent made progess on the bathroom in over 2 weeks

  • we've bought 3 different door pneumonics (for screen doors). and NONE have them will keep the the screen door from SLAMMING on you.
  • i am batshitcrazy and joined a 30 Day Shred Challenege? And its Day 3, and I am sore and miserable.
  • we have another week on our budget, and its already blown for the month
  • i prefer to listen to insturmental stuff on pandora. sometimes i need chill music
  • the software my company bought for me and my co-worker to us, is making us both crazy and ragey. we are in a 3 year contract. and i hate it.
  • i would rather get paid less and have an entry level postion than make decisions, but then get pissed when i think the WRONG decision is being made :)
  • i deleted all the churchy people that facebook friended me, its like i accepted one then half the church wanted to me my fb no. i dont know you. you dont know me. i dont want your junk in my newsfeed or your judgement when i curse on fb. i curse. get over it. and stop friending me.
  • i almost done with Burn Notice - sweet lord let it be over.
  • when T-Dubs has brand practice and I'm home alone i drink. oops.
  • T-Dubs has a departement party tonight. horray for dinning with snobby art people.
  • i actually miss the grad student crowd we hung out in...only a few of them were snobby.
  • I havent blogged yet about the VMA thing, our culture rarely 'shocks' me anymore. Read this blog, by Brant titled Sorry, Miley "kids need adults as role models"
And thats it today! Some heavey, some light :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Paint Project Done

My first (of many) paint projects is done!!
We found lots of paint in the basement but OF COURSE we couldnt match this room.
see along the back wall in this picture.

All those spots are from me patching.
They had nice looking shelves up there
but they left HUGE drywall mounts in them, so when i took them out, bigger holes.
So while i would not have made the choice to paint this room, i didnt have an option.
Choosing a color too almost 4 weeks.
Winning at homeownership not

So here is the progess
It took two coats.
The under color was darker than i had thought.
We couldnt even find a 'swatch' close enough
I know because i brought home EVERY ONE that lowes had.

so next time i will buy primer.
My next 3 paint projects are the bed rooms, Pink (including the ceiling, please shoot me), Blue and Green room, and our master bedroom which is a barf flesh color.
Know a great primer? I have heard Sherwin Williams is great.

Ahhhh finished project!
can you tell we are into art?

Monday, August 26, 2013

you should know 6 things

I follow the lovely Emily at Beaty and the Greek.
She writes fun, easy going, about building her dream house, running, and being a nurse, and being madly in love with her Greek.
I hope once my leg is better i can join her for a race!
I love stalking reading her blog, and last week she mentioned me on it, and i about died inmyoffice at work..
Thanks, so so so very much!!
Now i will answer Pick 6.
1. If you could open your own buisness what kind of good or service would you provide?
Home remodeling/building. I loved building my parents house with my dad. It was my first real summer job during college, i worked for a company. I am thankful i didn't end up a small business owner after 2008. But i love to build stuff.
Last Christmas - the house i helped my dad build (its a little big. 20/20 hindsight).

2. What is your best advice you have recieved about blogging?
Honestly i havent really 'gone public' with my blog IRL. I love the advice Emily got about writing about what YOU want to write about. I am not here to be famous, or get followers. I wanted to write about running. I want to write about making our new-to-us home our own. I want to write about my struggles with health and fitness. So thats what i write! :) and occasionally Star Wars.

3. What is something you thought you would never do or accomplish but have?
Settling down in the Midwest. I am from the North East. I have lived all over; AL, VA, PA, NY, NJ, DC, Turkey and Germany. But i love the North East, upstate NY. I never in a million YEARS thought we'd buy a house and stay in Illinois. But here we are! Not a fan of the view, but other than that we are happy!!

4. Who is the most influential person in your life?
House stuff - my Dad. He is very knowledgeable, and he influences the decisions we make on how to do things.
In general - T-Dubs. We make decisions together anyways, but his opinion matters the most to me. #throwback

5. If i had to be stuck in one season for the rest of my life what would it be?
WINTER! in the mountains! Skiing forever!!!

6. Tell us something we dont know about you.
I waited until i was married.
Yes, you read that correctly.
No Judgiezies me, I no judgiezies you!! I was 22, everyone who knew us at the time knew we had waited. Bet you didn't know that! HA!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bum leg and new goals

SOooooo My MRI was clean.
No breaks, fractures, splints, or muscle tears.

Doctor McSportsMed (see above) assured me that this was good news.
Here was my list of tings:

my muscle and leg are tight, and i need to work it out
im going to experience some pain.
I need to push a VERY LITTLE 1-3 on a scaled to 1-10 pain.
I never want pain the following day.
um...pretty sure thats how i got in this mess

Need I say more? I'm not flexible.
Apparently i need to get flexible.
yoga? stretching for more time? no classes nearby, so that sucks.

No more PT
continue core and strength on my own
ok no biggie was already doing this before

Continue with mild cardio.
SLOWLY increase or use resistance.
Always listen to my body, remember the pain scale.
No running.
....hmmmm. ok so i use the elliptical with no resistance right now.
so we are gonna try a little resistance next week.
T-Dubs and i are going to do a half mile walk, we did 1.25 the other day and i hurt the next day

I am done with doctors which is nice, for me and my wallet.
until i get the MRI bill AUGH!
So i took this week off, ordered pizza, drank soda, at Cheetos and combos.

Back to meal prep, planning, no booze buying.
5AmClub weekdays
Try hitting up the gym on lunch to walk or elliptical.

Best blog day of the week

Hopelessly Ever After

I forgot it was thrusday.
So you all get a quick wine review today.
Sorry to the linker-uppers and K-Rock at Hopelesslyeverafter!
I'm in full swing on painting in the house, on top of all the doctor mobojumbo this week.
I totally dropped the ball.
LUCKY for me, my Ram (mom) brought me some wine from South Dakota!
I'm not a huge wine drinker, but i love the name
red ass rhubarb.
hell ya, ill take some of that :)
its very yummy.
drink in classy mason jar goblets esp if your hubs made them for you, whoop!

I guess in the SD they mix this with margarita mix,
i tried that....bleghha!
i'm not huge on fruity-lime-margies-anything.
you know me. beer.

BUT if you like that lime flavor, try it, because it has a strong taste with the sweet/sour rhubarb and lime!

Follow Kristin on twitter @leggs532 for all the details on #ThirstyThursday
she and her hubby just bought a house and i cant wait to see how she they make it their own!
She has a eye for decorating!

MRI results later today....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Funny family

My folks were in town over the weekend on their drive from WA to PA.

I want to leave you with these texts between my mom and my sister and myself... Enjoy
Ram (mom) sends this picture to us

Home Projects Update

Home projects update:
if you're new here, i've done everything myself (or with T-Dubs)

The bathroom hasn't progressed at all, we can't decide what to do in there and it's really intimidating me lately

I broke out the paint, is that bad?
I don't have enough on my plate, obviously.
I'm sick of the mountain of art that needs to be hung.
Its currently stacked in a room, and thats all thats in there!
GAH! Makes me feel like we havent moved in yet.

We have a drop ceiling downstairs
And there were two switches to nothin in the hall,
one where I'm standing in this picture and you can see the one at the bottom.

But I climbed up to see in the ceiling and found a light box, one ugly fluorescent later.... LIGHT!
And its to BOTH switches!

I cannot describe how much this improves our quality of life,
this is the way to the other bathroom we've been using. 
i'm afraid of the yeah, this makes me happy.
now i can SEE the monsters hiding down there before they get me.
T-Dubs did this project without me, husband winning.
I haven't gone to the gym in over a week and I don't care

I'm drinking a beer every night

I wish sometimes all my friends were in the same circle so I didn't have to make 5 different dinner plans, can't we all be friends?

I have an all girl Kayak trip on Saturday, I was invited, but I only know one person.
Social anxiety thru the roof!
but I'm sure it will be fun!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Note to Pre-MRI Self

Yes, things i wish i had known BEFORE having my MRI. In letter form to myself.

This is not at my location just a photo. its almost 6 feet deep. if i had gone in head first i would have freaked out.

You are most defiantly claustrophobic.
Next time the offer sedation TAKE IT.
NEVER schedule this first thing in the morning, always at the end of the day.
if you cant get a time you want, take the day off. you will be fracked up for the rest of the day you wont know what hit you.
when the tech says 'we are gonna go just a little further' dont whimper out loud. embarrassing.
crying is ok.
no really, crying is ok.
they give you a 'get me outta here' button thingy.
This is much more than a 15 minute X-Ray (50 minutes later).
You will not use the button but you will CONSTANTLY imagine clawing your way out, resulting in hyperventilating.
you will almost faint, twice.
just breathe.
the machine itself MOVES, they dont tell you that, and it will scare the shiznat out of you when it does.
ask if they let spouses come and talk to you while you are in there. i know thats something they only do in the movies, but hey if they say yes, it will help worlds.
Deep breaths.
dont be afraid to ask T-Dubs to come with you. 
You are so grateful to see him sitting in the waiting room when you are done and can barely keep it together.
do not listen to your mothers voice in your head.
this procedure isnt a big deal, just like getting a shot, but it is still scary as hell and thats ok. its ok to be terrified.
trying to hold still for over 45 minutes is like trying not to eat a bowl of ice cream in front of you. ADD much?
You'll cry more than once. its still ok.
its ok to think about that one episode of greys where they cant get the fat chick in the MRI, but ultimately that will lead you down the thought process of your own body inside touching the walls.
deep breaths.
It does end eventually.
comfort food is just that, comfort food. and ultimately it wont make your day better.
with regards,


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Favorite Blog day of the WEEK!

Hopelessly Ever After

Its my Favorite Link to Drink with Hoplessly Ever After!
Today just a quick beer review.
Last week making my own drink at home with only my resources took it out of me!
Plus, i am a beer wench through and through.

Bells is probably one of my most favorite 'snob' beers.
Occasionally the local places will have Two Hearted on tap.

I love this drink.
But the snob i will say, i perfer a draft not a bottle.
Its one of the few beers that is sooooo much more bitter after its been botteled.

Bells has some good beers, this just happens to be one i like.
Try them out next time you are feeling fancy, try anything seasonal its all pretty good.

I cant wait to hear allllll about Kristin's curise! Whos Jelly!? I am! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facing fears

Tried to do my hair after my allotted time today.
So side swipe is what you get.
Last week I told my physical therapist that i quit.
emotionally i can no longer stand it, i can't seem to rebound the awful mood/depression it puts me in.

Physical therapy, costs way too much, i can do everything on my EXCEPT the shock thing that i dont think does anything anyways, and i have to go during WORK. I can no longer sacrifice my work time. Sorry, I have a full time job that i actually have to be at.

When i told her i was pretty much over it, she of said it was time to see an actual doctor.

...wait. Soooooo when im primary told me to come here, she thought you could fix it. Now that its been since the end of May, you are telling me i should see a doctor in sports medicine that, i dunno, SPECIALIZES in injuries? WHY fortheloveofcheese did i not do this FIRST?

That was my reaction last week.
Today is the day.
Anything could happen.
I emotionally drank and ate last night becauseimafatty
and now im in a foul mood.
but really.
I am terrified.

i have dumped my bad days on this blog before. complained, felt sorry for myself, etc. its been hard to not be running.
running is my passion.
its also how i keep on track.
i have pretty much yo-yo in weight since i quit running.
but now, i am just straight up scared.

what if i cant ever run again? what if im stuck with this horrible body forever? what if i cant loose the weight? what if i cant ever eat healthy enough? what if? what if?

i want to be 100% up front on here and in my own life, day to day.
whether its on days that i want to whine and feel sorry for myself for eating huge portions of pasta, or happy days full of fun and love with my better half.

Today, I am scared.
However, i want answers, i want resolution, i want to be RUNNING.

in case you dont know: last winter i trained for a 5K-10K challenge at the end of April. 5K on friday night and 10K on Saturday morning. About 5 weeks before race day my leg really started to hurt. This was the first time i had ever done cross training or run farther than a 5K. Lunges and Squats were my cross training, and i am convinced this is when i straining my groin muscle. It sounds stupid but it HURT. so much that if i moved wrong while sleeping i would wake with so much pain i was medicating. I pushed through, tried new stretches, stopped doing lunges and squats because it aggravated it. Raced. itwasaweful. took 5 weeks "off" went to my doctor and got referred to physical therapy in the end of May.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TV Shows I want to be on

This post is entirely stolen borrower from The Party Girls Guide, Erin.
I have been followin her blog for a little bit now, but i usually wait to comment cuz im chicken shit. 
Either way i love her blog and everything she tweets. 
So here are goes my list. (shows dont have to currently be on the air)

TV Shows I belong on... in no particular order

1. Castle.
Crime solving, quick humor, funny, scary, suspenseful, and romance. And ANTICIPATED romance for many seasons! oh the waiting game! Yes sign me up. I'd make a great cop, minus the uniform.
Yum! HI NATHAN FILLION! I love hims. I follow him on twitter because all the cool kids are doing it. I should mention that this is also why i picked... 

2. Firefly

Yes, I know its off of the air, but its hands down one of the best shows of all time. The MERE fact that they had a 10 year reunion at comicon says a lot about the show and its people! Plus, it was awesome. I could be on the crew toting a gun being a scoundrel! This show is basically Han Solo got a lead in a TV series.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ok, this show wins for all reasons. Vampires that dont sparkle, cheesy killin of evil, funny puns, highschool then college, drama, sci-fi, woooo! I am just about as super cheesy and corny as the stunts and plots, but i totally embrace it. JUST like this show. Plus, I may be in love with all the Twilight/Buffy memes out there. They make me laugh.

I never really got into Angel, i love that guy, but the show never quiet did it for me. Props Joss Whedon!

4. Supernatural

I OD-ed on this show on netflix. I love EVERYTHING about it. But mostly that all the guys are insanely bangable hot and the kill evil shit all the time. Soooo i would pretty much love to be on this show...with all these hotties....and their drama. Pretty much i do violence with a tad humor/corny factor but mostly ass kicking! and haught factor on this one.


truuuuuuueeeee story. hes on the list. lady boner.

5. Scrubs.

This is the greatest show of all time. I'd love to ironically work in the medical field, have a black bestie who is white and nerdy as me, everyone knew i was always in my head, daddy issues (wait ive already got those), fall in love with the nuttiest characters, have an evil janitor pranking me, and a mean boss father figure that called me other names. i cry at the real finale every time.

6. Archer
Don't know it??
Watch it now.
'Nough said.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Goals back at it!

Operation Skinny Jeans
Back at it for sure. Been on and off. But i am ready to be on!!
1. FINALLY take a picture for #fitstagram
I love love love following Sassy Ash and Jess from OSJ fit camps. I need to let these camps help me, not make me feel like i am not doing enough. I weighed in real quick this morning and im up less than half a pound. So i count that as a win. So this week i wanna get some snap shots of my mornings getting my sweat on!
2. Finish demoing the bathroom.
dontfreakout. seriously wet drywall is never a good sign. but i seem to have removed most of it. now i just have to manage to get the real drywall out in a decent way. notice i am using the word "drywall" incase you didnt know, you are NOT supposed to use drywall in bathrooms or behind tile. fun tims.

Soooooo many things wrong in this picture (like the MDF board!)

3. Eat right and stay off the couch this week.
we have awesome double date plan on thrusday. So i need to get shit done at the beginning of the week and not veg in front of the tv. my folks arrive friday morning sometime.

This happened but it was worth it. Bells two hearted.