Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blue room make over

We have this room, that was BRIGHT blue and greet with chair molding.
Hence, "Blue Room"
We also have a "Pink room", that's next on my to-do list.
And a "Puke Room" - because it looks like puke. I'll have to get my professional photographer husband to take a pic of it to do the awful color justice.

Blue Room blogger fail. Not nearly enough before pics!
The colors are dull because of my iPhone but the green GLOWED!
We choose Bejamin Moore Fiji *blue and Cement Gray - which i now hate.

Once we primed it we decided we really wanted center lights. 
Before this track lighting was along the wall

See that square whole in the background? Up near the ceiling?
That's where the track lighting was. Pic Fail, I know sorry.

But installing new electrical can be a bEtch! Thankfully t-dubs did all the wiring up in the attic, I only thought he was gonna panic and come through the ceiling once! 

The series of pics do not do this justice, he was miserable, and had terrible insulation rash after! He had to deal with being claustrophobic and arachnophobia! He's the man! 

So then we had to do new electrical - which trying to do new on top of super old = never easy! 
Pro Tip: camping headlamps are a life saver when doing electrical in your home.
And I had to patch the wall where the track lighting was.

And now the finished project. doors will get updated later.....ewww gross glossy yellow, barf!

This took us about 4 weekends between primer, paint, doing ALL the electrical, and putting the room back together!

We learned lots, so that's always good.
But I am not a fan of the gray. It's too light and I want it to pop a bit, against the white trim. 
I won't repaint this room....
Or maybe ill just keep this gray and find a new throughout color. 

What's your favorite gray? Did you buy a tester first? I didn't! I need a new gray! Help!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Shock Top

I discovered Shock Top on draft at VA Beach, along with Skip Jack which I haven't found in the Midwest yet.

Disclaimer: I don't do fruity beers, EXCEPT blue moon esk ones. Wheats with that dash of citrus. 

That being said, I really have only like the original ShocK Top.

But I found this gem! And it is freaking amazing. Rich and delicious! 
I also love fun plays on brands icons!

Tried any new booze lately worth mentioning? Spring time or summer time beer? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

30DoB Biggest Pet Peeves

Biggest Pet Peeves. Hmmmmm, i don't want to offend anyone, but here goes nothing!

1. People who don't use their turn signal or "blinker" as i still call it. - its not that hard to let EVERYONE on the road know you are turning, maybe then i wouldn't have road rage and be riding your ass, because I could have anticipated you slowing down to make this turn.

2. Strangers who want to touch.  - Church is my perfect example of this, there is a greeting time. I hate it. I don't where your hands of been, and sometimes people even hug! WHAT? I don't know you. Get out of my personal space!

3. Liars.
3.5 People who pretend to be complacent when they just wont speak up. - Just tell me where we stand, that way i know. I know some people think this is rude. However, I do not want to have to find out later or from someone else i offended you, now i cant do anything about it. Just be up front and HONEST, not cruel or mean just truthful. This is harder to explain..... :) hahaha, sorry! For example, EVERY NIGHT my spouse and i will catch up on our 'shows' we are watching, and here is how it goes:

me: "what do you wanna watch?"
him: "I don't care"
me: "ok...lets watch insert whatever show im currently binge-watching."
him: ...gives me long look....

This is me teasing a bit, but it also is a pet peeve, if you wanna watch something then speak up. For me this goes hand in hand with lying by omission.

4. Stoneware. - sorry Pampered Chef lovers, the sound of utensils on that stuff drives me bonkers!

5. Using the self check out, and knowing i put something in the bag and the machine tells me i didn't. LIES! I put that gift card in there!

6. Line cutters. yaaaaa, just don't.

7. Bones the TV show. - i loved this show and now it sucks. it makes me sad. plus, im always sitting down to eat food when i start it...and the first 30 seconds a decomposing body is always found. you'd think i'd learn.

8. The touch screen controls in our Prius. - anyone else have this in their cars? Where the temperature gauge is by numbers? so i have to punch a Down Arrow 50 times to get it cool and comfortable? most people live in areas with seasons. this is not practical.

9. When other people are at the grocery stores. - I'm selfish, i like having the whole store to myself. why are people so mean? i just want to get some produce that isn't rotting, i'm not going out of my way to make your life a living hell.

10. Mean People. or maybe just people, hahaha, this is terrible but after re-reading my list, maybe i just don't like people :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Favorite Photo #30DoB

If you aren't doing it start following Keeping Up with Kelsey and the 30 days of blogging challenge they are doing. I have been "gleaning" from their incredible link ups and ideas.

And lets be honest, can anyone pick ONE PICTURE! NO! 
So yeah i picked lots of pictures!

My schsister is one of my favorite people. We can make eachother laugh and cry.
But mostly we get each other, in ways i dont even understand :) 

So one year she lived with us in Illinois, and so we made this AWESOME Awkward Family Photo for our Christmas cards. Yet another perk of the professional photographer hubs!
Gotta love those outfits...

Couldn't leave my other favorite person out. I feel like these two photos just embody us. You never know when we are going to do ridiculously silly things that no one will necessarily get..

I love snow. this is back at my parents home, and our family dog. We got 21 inches in the 5 days we were home for Christmas that year, it has been one of the best Christmases to date just because of the snow and the beauty of Pennsylvania.

Home. I helped my dad build this house all through high school and partly through college.
We moved a lot (military) growing up. And that time learning so much from my dad, building, it means a great to me, still.
Its still not done and probably wont ever be finished. But its the only thing I've ever known as home.
Even though I bought a house last June, its just not the same. I dunno, I don't feel like I can explain it in words. I do wish I had this photo in every season though.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Biggest Fears #30DoB

I read this wonderfully funny and kick @$$ blog over at Hopelessly Ever After.
I love reading K-Rocks blog. I've been quiet for a while now, but when i was catching up i reading i saw she was going to kinda pick and choose what she wanted to do from this challenge. And since, i'm completely unoriginal, i am doing the same! Good thing i follow smart bloggers :)

So today is Your Biggest Fears. Hence the title of this bloggy post today!

My Biggest Fears

1. Drowning - may seem typical, but im asthmatic and i think it has to do with suffocation. I would rather burn alive.
2. But i'm also just afraid of water. Fish are scary, oceans = scary, bodies of water = scary. I can sorta swim and keep my head above water but yeah i don't want anything in the water to TOUCH ME!

3. The Dark. I sleep with a night light on. I occasionally have terrifying nightmares, and the dark scares me. I hate coming home after dark and we haven't left the outside lights on or any lights in the house.

4. Hospitals and Medical treatment. Don't misunderstand me, I will always opt for medical treatment, but I am terrified of all of it. Even getting my blood drawn, I also faint every time from anxiety. I had an MRI last year, worst experience of my life. Sedation, always get sedated.


Fandom meets faith

It's memes like this that complete me.

You win internet.
You warm the cockles of my black-cold-Christian-heart with your Star Wars humor!