Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prom link up!!!


May 2003

I love this idea!!! Except I couldn't find pictures from my prom. Small school so there was only a junior prom where seniors we invited!! I went with TDubs my senior year!! We had just started dating about 2 months before hand! So it was all very exciting and fun!!! I miss this hair of Wills but he doesn't like it :)

Pictured is the couple that set us up. :) they have a great story! And they got married the year before us! And then they moved to the mid west after us which makes us very happy!!!

PROM!! We danced!! and I remember we gave a different friend a ride home because her date was sleazy!!! He totally said creepy things to her all night so Will and I smuggled her out! :) A month later I graduated then I went to Wills prom, same outfits but I couldn't find any pictures of that either! 

December 2011
Ok so the best prom was 2 years ago!! Our soul-mate couple we will call the N&J!! So N planned a super secret birthday-80s-Prom-party!!! TDubs and I secretly flew in to Newark from Illinois and showed up on her door step! Look on her face will be one I cherish for life, PRICELESS! We have so much fun with the guys!!! So J and I and her best friend had a stressful day at the mall getting bad hair dos and dresses! I borrowed a bridesmaid dress not 80s but several people didn't do 80s. Needless to say prom is waaaaaay more fun with people you like, booze, home cooked food and a DJ that will only play great music, that i feel like Will and I requested all night!! The trip that Prom is by far a memory I will carry for life and is one of my favorites!

Me & N. Specail bond rioght there!


drunk ladies! aaawwweee yeaaaah!

Professional Photo Done RIGHT!
(we love awkward photos way too much)

Girls shot!

This is how all proms should end! :)

One of the greatest nights of my life. without a doubt! N is the sweetest guy to throw this awesome party for his lady! And to invite all us crazies there to have entirely too much fun!

PS. i love dancing and i don't care how foolish i look, i will dance all damn night.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekley Goals Link UP

Operation Skinny Jeans

I am going to start doing this. Just to help me stay focused. Plus i love Jess and all her videos and blog stuff. I think if she and I knew each other in real life we would be buds, but I digress.

1. Goal is important...and i hate writing it. NOT RUN! I have suffered from some seriously inner thigh muscle pain, and i couldn't stop running because of the race last weekend (race post coming). But the races are both over, and it needs rest. I want to still run, but this week is a rest week.

2. EVEN THOUGH! I will not run .... maybe.... I will still go to the gym, get my cardio and strengthening on. And I hope to work in a walk with TDubs if the weather allows.

3. Eat clean. This will probably be on here every week. We have small group on Thursdays and I cannot resist cookies, chips or whatever! I am totally a get it out of my house so i don't eat it. kind of person so the face that there ends to be some junk yummy foods there usually involves me shoving my face full of brownies!

WOOT! Lets dominate this week. Next week will be my first time following up on these goals.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Race day 5K!!!

Today is the 5K at 7:30 pm. Weather is looking good. I meet up with the church's running club for a quick picture then FINALLY get to see my friend Lana and her 3 daughters who will be walk/running in the 5K. So I do no plan on getting a PR or even running this entire event. Infact, if the girls don't need a piggie back ride, i'll be grateful :)

I have been training for a 10K which is tomorrow morning at 7:40 am after the marathoners start. Its prolly gonna rain tomorrow :( booo! Lana and I will run together for that. My goal: run the whole damn thing. My training got side tracked by an injury a few weeks back. So I hope i can make it happen.

GEAR OUT!  And Ready for Tonight!

Hit the Expo to get better sizes in my even shirts but also to shop! And and LOVE this Fighting ILLINI sweat wicking band thingy a found. I know lots of cool bloggers were them with cute things on them, but I am a Basketball Fan through and through! (ps this photo makes me want to go back to highlights sooooo freaking bad. As soon as my hair gal pops out that baby and is back at work totally switching back to highlights)

I'll post better/more pictures after the races and I celebrate (hopefully) this weekend! TDubs promised me some Red Lobster (i know im so classy) and a lots of BEER!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrate Your True Beauty Link up

I am linking up "Celebrate Your True Beauty". List 3 things you think are beautiful about yourself - 2 HAVE to be outer beauty and 1 CAN be inner beauty.
I wasn't going to post today. I have been totally stressing and being a huge bitch sorta mean to TDubs. (long story short work-outs came up with friends last night and he got compliments on how he looked and I'm just jealous that he is losing weight getting toned and I'm not, I should be happy for him. I mean I am happy for him. just really freaking jealous). I digress...

So I thought this link up would be a great way to refocus.
1. Loyalty. The inner beauty was easier to start with. I love 'my people' fiercely, and worry, and care and pray and lots more for them. I am not the best at keeping up with them, but it doesn't mean I don't care about them. This is also what I think my spiritual gift is (I have Faith, believe Jesus died for me even though I don't deserve it, maybe more on that in the future). I hadn't really thought about loyalty being a thing for me, but it encompasses so much, my ability to put my husband through Art grad school, to see past a persons faults, to have a persons back in every sense of the phrase. Loyalty of course leads into a lot of other things like love and trust just to name the two big ones. This also means I have pretty high standards for terms of friendship, like honesty always, no drama, and you should have my back too. There are plenty of people I would stick my neck out for. So yeah.
Dogs/Wolves are the animal for loyalty.
My husband wears this shirt all the time. I might need to do a post just on this shirt.
2. ....this is hard. And someone else that linked up said its hard for women to say good positive things about their image- so freaking true. I think I have pretty good legs. I don't mind wearing summer short dresses, but they are nicely shaped. ....feel so awkward saying that. :/

3. Hair? Not color (gray much?!) Its naturally curly, my mother taught me to say this in a very bragging voice as a child, and my brother will NEVER let me live it down. *flips hairs "its NATURALLY curly" *smirk. Nice mom. But really, I do get compliments on it, and to be honest I am not so hot at hair and make up and don't really do much of either. but it always makes me feel good to hear it. OF COURSE I wish it were straight. :) Grass is always greener. Also TDubs loves it. It also styles really well professionally so at events I feel like I have that one thing going for me.
**hmmm this is older color and i no longer do bangs (twss), but you get the gist**
Hey look, I even found a photo of the loser himself! :) We are laughing at my sister, who is the funniest person, ever.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24 Things 'Bout me! (stolen!)

Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally...: 24 Things You May or May Not Know About Big Holly

Decided to steal this idea in the spirit of stealing things!! Booooyaaaa!!! So here it goes!!!

1. Star Wars (new hope, empire, and return) are the best movies of all time. No argument. followed by the Indiana Jones movies.
2. Beer wench. True story, TDubs totally converted me, we are a tiny bit of beer snobs.
3.... however Miller Hi Life is my go to,
4. for a big girl, I'm a HUGE LIGHT WEIGHT
5. This list makes me sound like an alcoholic
6. I also love food, all food. except Brussels sprouts.
7. gray hair started stayed since i was 16
8. Favorite show of all time is scrubs
9. favorite actor is Harrison ford..see #1
10. I seriously think Han Solo was my first crush
11. Tina Fey is the shit, so is Jimmy Fallon
12. when i listen to the radio its the hits station (pop or whatever they call it these days) and the HOT 105.5 for the great Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B...it also features Steve Harvey in their morning shows.
13. I am white and nerdy.
14. I grew up without cable TV of any kind, we re-watched movies we owned and rented movies.
15. Because of this i feel like i was denied the right to become a TRUE Nerd! Netflix is the greatest gift to counter act my bad parents, currently working through Star Trek Next Gen!
16. I saw the Justin Beiber move in theaters. Dont judge
17. I have known TDubs since i was 17, and about 3 weeks ago was the first time i EVER farted in front of him.
18. i cannot fart on command, never been able too, my brother thinks i will die of spontaneous combustion due to only being about to pass gas in a bathroom...hes prolly right
19. i have a brother and a sister.
20. my sister is the greatest person i know, true story. i love her. (this is at the st. Louis arch, she was trying to reach up and touch it) twss.
21. I love to travel. I always have.
22. I love snow, for real, tons of it, since moving to the Midwest, besides mountains, i miss real snow the most.
23. i love downhill skiing.
24. i am stretching for crap to write about... OH I love The Fighting Illini Basketball team!
25. I am not that into writing and not sure this blog thing will stick...also not that into exercise, or fitness, or goals...mostly into beer.

The End.

PS. its race week. I am nervous, my bothersome leg pain hasn't ceased. But I am excited and i hope i can run the entire 10K!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Linkup with Holly & Jake!

Today I am linking up with Holly and her Blog B/F, Jake! I love both their blogs and i love this finish the sentences that they have been doing.


1. I laughed so hard I cried when... when my sister said as we passed another car on the highway "Hey that girl looks like Hermione...but different" Its a miracle we didn't crash and die right there.

2. My high school...is closed. true story. i lived in one of the poorest counties in PA, and they built our H.S. my senior year and we had to attend the rival school BHELT! And they closed it 2 years ago. My reunion is this year. Crazystupidness.

3. It really pisses me off... That George Lucas isn't sorry about the 'newer' star wars movies he made. Or about Indiana Jones, or about anything.

4. In ten years... In a galaxy far far away..

5. If I could erase one thing... carrot top...

6. In 1999... oh boy i looked like a bad home school kid (no offense) iron on teddy bears on my purple sweatshirt with not matching purple leggings (Before they were cool) and keds and really bad glasses, and a rat tail....no wait that was 1994... 

7. Honestly... i farted in front of my husband for the first time a week ago, we've been married over 4 years but known each other since 2003. Honestly, it snuck out. I can't fart on command. I usually can only fart in a bathroom with my butt on the seat!

8. To me, Sushi... is the greatest food ever, when you live near the coast...not so hot in the Midwest.

9. Someone really needs to invent... magic wands, harry potter style, oh and quidditch.

10. The first time I drank alcohol... family thanksgiving! oh yeah, my cousin got me drunk with gold schlager and the card game asshole. didn't take much. RoundRobin is a BIG lightweight, still.

11. The one question I would ask God is... i dunno....id prolly just stand awkwardly nearby watching him answers everyone else's questions, like i do when i see famous people, or the University athletes in public.

12. Lindsay Lohan... the greatest train wreck ever to watch. plus i will always be indebted for Mean Girls.

LOVE it! I am not the most creative or good at being funny but it was fun to do!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 miles later

Selfies on a Run = Not my gift. Also this was IMMEDIATELY after mile 5.
What I'm thinking:
where did my breathe go?
how do bloggers do this?
did i take a picture yet?
i think i might pass out
this is not worth it.
i will go die somewhere now

Thank you Pic Stitch! Feet and a thumbs up! So I ran flipping 5 miles! I thought I was gonna die. Mainly because I may or may not have been still slightly hung over. Gosh it was awful and SOOO windy i hate the Midwest. But, I did it. I prayed to God that my leg wouldn't give out. I have had some serious pain, that has ultimately halted any strengthen. I also believe it was strengthen that did this to me. Using that roller at the gym on the inside of my thigh makes me look like I'm humping it in the gym, I need my own TDubs!

It was brutal and hard. It was not a simply run for me. I felt slow and sluggish the whole time, tanks alert miller high life. But the point is, I DIDN'T turn around, I DIDN'T give up, I DIDN'T walk, I just kept telling myself it would be over soon. And finished. That's my goal. Finish the 10K without walking. Dream big: then I will work on better times.

It was followed by feeling really good about myself the next day though. I was sort of in awe. Like did i actually do that yesterday? no i couldn't have, I'm not a runner, I'm to fat, stupid, ugly, slow, injured, etc. and the list goes on.

This is an honesttogoodnessawful photo. I don't have a good place to do outfits. This is inspired by sistermeg as all if it is hand me downs from her. She always inspires any dressedupness I come into for work.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


TWill (hubs) gives me lots of inspiration. I love the template of this blog solely because of this dress he picked out for me.

Yes... Hubs dresses me.

He's good at it.
No, he's not into guys
Yes, he is real
I think it's the mad art skills that give him this talent. But pretty much any time he says I look good in something I'll wear it forever!! No joke!!

He's a great guy that rides his bike along with me while I move really slow next to him and feel like I'm running. He also joined the same gym as me this winter and braves it at 5 am with me!!!

Ditty 'bout TWill

Name: Will
Legal: Theodore
Degree: B.S. Software Development
Masters of Fine Art: Photography
Instruments: Piano, keys, Uke, mandolin, vocals
Born: Same exact day and year my parents married eachother, Bronx, NY
Loves: Cats....true story
Lefty, Photographer, Pianist, GQ:Dresses better than me, Good Guy, Computer Gamer Nerd, Cooks, Cleans, Hates Car Work, Outdoors over Indoors, Skii (downhill), Bikes, Does Not Run, Canoes, Camps, Hikes, and can't park at his employment because its a University and he works for the Art School now, so he takes public transportation, liberal j/k....or not.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I love it. It's never been hard for me to drink lots of it. It's yummy. I really feel for people who do not like water it's jut soooo refreshing to me. So I drink TONS of it.

New BIGGER bottle from Gander Mt.
Was at 12 oz. no wonder I could get a 1 on my pedometer at work filling that little cup with a straw!

I want to be a Runner

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Might try to write a bit about running, rambling and other things that come along in life. I'm Robin. And i want to be a runner...real BAD! I love this Nike, and of Nike's ads because of their simplicity. And because this is so true for me.

I ran my first ever race 3 years ago, it was a 5k and i finished in like 37 minutes and i had only run on a treadmill for 2 miles. My legs hurt so bad for a month, i swear, and i stopped running. So i trained for the next one and finished in 33 minutes. I loved the feeling, the rush from racing. but never in a million years did i think I'd ever run farther than 3 miles. Mostly because even with training, i still had to walk a bit.

Occasionally last summer and fall I jogged with my friend Lana. It was sooooo awesome because she made me feel totally comfortable at whatever we did (she is way awesomer than me and in much better shape!) She rocks. But she moved, and i miss her lots. But, I kept running, average I'd do a 2 mile loop. In November i signed up for the mini I challenge which is a 5K on Friday and the 10K Saturday morning. Its part of the Illinois marathon events. I figured the 5K would be a warm up and not bad because i will run with Lana and one of her daughters (which i did last year and loved). I also figured this would give me enough time to actually increase my distance. My goal, just run the whole 10K, not fast, just not walk it.

As i write this in hindsight i wish i had written this months ago.
Because honestly it was HARD.
Really freaking HARD
and brutal!
and it sucked all the time!
And i wanted to quit.
Several days weeks in a row.
it took me from the end of the November to the middle of February to get to 3 miles! And now i am doing 4.25 or 4.5 like its no big deal. I went from 3-4 like a breeze. I need to increase more, however it doesn't feel so hard to do anymore. i know i can do it.

I have had days i didn't run, days i ate ice cream, drank too much beer the night before. Maybe someday I'll share on my weight loss journey...like once i actually lose some... But i run. Its what i want. I want to run. and i want to be faster and better. And I am. I can go twice as far as i trained for any of my 5Ks. My pace is around 9:50, best ever for me. I want cute running gear. i want to be a runner. today i will be a runner.