Monday, September 30, 2013

Shiney New YMCA

Running Saturday: 1 min walk 6 mins run x3.
Went well. Felt good. No pain.
It was after taking a class at the Y.
MISTAKE, now im really sore and worried i have re-injuried myself. so im tryign to rest...
So about two weeks ago T-Dubs and I joined the new SHINEY YMCA near where we live.
We had a $20/month membership at a local 'gym' that basically just had equipment. Honestly they didnt even have a good area to stretch. but we werent that serious about working out. so whatever.

We've been 5amclubbers since January.
So we joined the 'cool' gym.
I say cool, because we see SOOOO many people there we know from church, or famous people from chruch. :)
Last week we tried swimming in the pools, huge fail.
We have to try that at a non peak time.
Then Saturday we tried Boby Pump by Les Mills?
CRAZY! AWESOME! I can barely walk and i fall into every chair. :)
here are two of my favorite features of this gym:
This makes sooooo much sense.
no eye contact ever, with anyone on theses. ever.

They have a TINY little track inside which is so nice. not good for long distances but with my training runs being pretty small still. this is a really nice feature for me

Friday husband and i went to watch the Fightin Illini beat Iowa in the assembly hall! I love some good volleyball.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breakfast, always.

I always eat breakfast.
In fact, when I was first married the only food I could make was breakfast food!
this is my standard morning;
Yes i own a 1980s egg poacher, dont hate. its awesome.
Occasionally i have quick oats with fruit in it, or the apple sauce my husband made.

I was chatting with some g/f lastnight and was surprised how many of them dont eat breakfast.
And they all range in fitness level and weights, from that bean pole friend that could never wiegh 100lbs if she tried. to the jolly green giant friend that is actually 6 feet tall. We are at ranging weights and sizes, kids to plus sizes. I guess it just surprised me that all ranges didnt eat breakfast. Maybe i always assumed i was heavier because i eat a hearty breakfast.

Breakfast is fuel.
It wakes me up for my day.
It also makes me not be starving for lunch at 10 am
I am a food person i love food.
i also love sleep so i totally understand the sleep-extra-20-mins-vs-breakfast.
BUT, that 20 mins or so to make and eat my real breakfast really helps me prepare for the day.

Its not for everyone.
But i read a lot of health and fitness, books, mags, interentings, and i rarely see anyone neglect breakfast.
Just saying.
I love breakfast.
You should too.

Whats your favorite breakfast food to eat or make? What is your go to breakfast?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not my best

I knew it would happen eventually.
I would have a training run that wasn't great.
I still stretch and roll my leg before work outs
And I put heat on it after leg day or runs
me, post gym.

soooo today was 1 min walk 4 mins run TIMES 4!!!
Which is more than i have been doing the last two weeks. i have only been running 3 sets.
as instructed.
Well when my interval went off for # 4 i was doggin it.
tired. burnt out. my leg felt bothersome. i quit two minutes in.

series of events happened that put me here:

running late - i hate that.
lifted, then went to run outside, packed my FAVORITE JACKET.
this jacket then got all kinds of jacked up on the zipper

then my husband made it worse - bless him, he was just trying to help
double late to getting into my run in time.
random people on the indoor track running in the middle.
ok, here is my thing, the track is tiny, you can see everyone on it. if you know you are slow move over. you know you are about to get passed why must you be in the middle. so then there was that.
then, my terrible fourth set...
late leaving the gym while i am trying to make sure i stretch

so needless to say it wasnt the greatest run.
but its done.
This is NORMAL.
I know that, this is typical for running.
BUT, my mind keeps saying i should be able to go run 5 miles today.
and i can't.
i just need to take a step back and be grateful and take each day, run, as it comes.

tomorrow: arms, core
thrusday: legs, run: 1 min walk, 5 min run x3
friday: arms, core
saturday: maybe try a spin class (?), run: 1 min walk, 6 min run x3

Monday, September 23, 2013

Surprise Vistor

My sister flew in to surprise me!
She traveled 800 miles just so we could hang out.
Greatest gift ever!
I love this girl and miss her all the time!
We played games drank and ate waaay too much all weekend
And as always our time was never enough!

She made these awesome canvas/maps for both of us.

Saying goodbye on Sunday at the Airport
We really never have enough time together.
We have such a great relationship, and I am so equally blessed that she and my husband have a great relationship.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Follow up Friday

This week I've been MIA.
I got cold like symptoms on Monday and Tuesday.
But never got the cold. thank the lord.
heres the updated.

Monday we joined our local YMCA. Pictures to come soon.
We love it. Nice. New.
Group fitness, pools, and an indoor track.

Got cracking on the bathroom again.
Plastic is hung.
I have a Michael Bryne Tiling book from the library that suggests lining it with assfault felt.
Thats next on the list.
It only took us an hour to locate the water shut off for the house.
Aaaahhhhh we are sad new homeowners :)

And I completed my first week back in therapy approved training runs!!
This was my week 1. And actually i didnt follow this 100%.
i did Run 1 - all last week.
So this week Run 1 & 2 were both actually 2, and then Run 3 was this morning.
Runners high and beyond.
I sweat.
My feet hit the floor/treadmill.
I am pushing  myself.
I crank my tunes!

Jay-Z. Always.
It has seriously been amazing.
I have been soooooo DOWN.
Depressed doesnt even cover the range of emotions.
Maybe more like Manic Depressive.
I totally understand how hard it is to be positive during an injury.
Not being about to get my heart rate up in a way i enjoy, and really sweat it out.
I quit 30DS mostly because I had a priated copy on my lap top and it died sunday.

Its hard to put into words how running makes me feel.

Its that feeling of pushing one foot in front of the other.
When my lungs burn, my sides have stitches, i want to quit but keep going.
This training program is slooooooowwww.
But i am hopeful that it will get back to higher milage (for me thats anything above 2 miles).
without any injuries.

Rocking Robin FINALLY RUNS

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Goals 9/16

1. 30DS every weekday morning- 90% I missed Thrusday morning. Then i didnt make up that day.
Honestly Level 2 sucks ass. I will have to do it Monday - Saturday this week in order to move on. blerg. I hate you JM but DAAAMN my leggs look good...

2. Meal prep - DONE! Checkity Check! I made quiches and T-Dubs made me an incredible birthday meal. So we had lots of leftovers. I did however over do it with our Star Wars marathon, BBQ, Beers, Irish Coffee, and Pizza later. GAH! Then on Sunday, we ordered pizza and caught up on some shows. And then our lap top died. horray.

3. Live more weigh less challenge - i struggle with some of the challenges, like wearing red lip stick. one, i dont own any. two, i am not about to go buy any. BUT the "tell your body you love her" day, happened to fall on my birthday but it was great.

1. GYSTS - this needs to happen. T-Dubs and i agreed this morning no more ordering in, even with friends. We need to pass on that.

2. 30 DS - gahhhhhhh i dont wannnnnnnaaa! - i am also getting sick. :(
3. Try to remain calm for my impending dentist appointment on Thursday. I hate the dentist. Story for another day.

4. Goal is to run through this routine this week. Its from my physical therapy trainer.
This is from this morning, got my run in. 3 mins walk 2 mins run x3. And i am suppose to stretch and heat my leg after. Honestly i am just happy to be running. I got runners high on saturday and sprinted. Then about died because i am so outta shape :) But sooooooo glad to be back! 

no judgies my slow fat ass.
I am getting back in slllllooooowwwwwly. I am NOT getting injuried again.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthday Tings

Wednesday was my 28th Birthday!
T-Dubs and I will be the same age until December.
He delivered the best birthday by far!
He took the entire day off, got the ENTIRE house cleaned.
And cooked me my favorite meal from Red Lobster, sauteed garlic shrimp Alfredo and biscuits!
1) You know your old when the high light of your birthday is someone else cleaned your house
2) Home cooked meal. - i hate cooking/baking with a passion. it is not for me. #wifefail

Its pure heavy whipping cream so super rich.
And a pumpkin pie. I have always had pumpkin pie on my birthday even as a kid.
My sister bought me a super cool wine bottle candle Abra thingy.
Which will make a great center piece during the fall/winter. trek. thankyouthankyouchirspinethankyou.
T-Dubs knocked this year out of the park with 3 gifts (in addition to the clean house).
NERD ALERT! idie,again!
vinly orginal
Thanks for the best birthday yet, Hubs! I love yer face!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish the sentence link uo


My Happy Place..
The Millennium Falcon
The shire
JJ Abrams' USS Enterprise
The matrix
... To name a few

Whatever Happened To...
All the cell phone and tablet watches from the 90s movies? I'm looking at your mission impossible and pierce- James Bond and Dick Tracy.

So What if I ...
Then I would
But I can't 
So I shan't 

E! Needs a reality show about...

My go-to Fast Food Meal is ... Hungover, bacon egg and cheese biscuit!

You might not know that I ...
Can't eat buffalo wings or dip or pizza without drinking at least a half gallon of milk. Me no likey hott

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is...
Burt Reynolds ?

If I Could ...
Be iron man.

My Personality is awesome because..
I have an awesome personality. (Said everyone in high school whomp whomp!)

Twerking is...
Funny when you catch on fire, but less funny when u find out that video was a fake

I think it's super gross when...
I can hear T-dubs blow snot rockets in the shower, from the other end of the house.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus...
To find a friend she can talk to and twerk it all out.
-sidebar she is a freaking evil genius. People are still talking about this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If Birthday Money Grew on Trees

If you read Marcy's blog she did this last week. And as we share a birthday I asked if I could steal this idea.

So here are some things I would want if money ONLY for my birthday grew on trees...
Few things I've pinned that I want! 

I desperately want more nerd shirts.
I also really wanna sport the fun workout shirts. But i get all my gym shirts for $2 at goodwill...or target.

If this ice cream below is real! Its the only item on my bucket list...

Blogging has really made me want to be ME!
Harry Potter Mug. Home State Shirt - yes i live in Illinois but I'm from the East!

I would pay someone to fix all this
I need a shower, kthanksbye.

I would also get a fire place (seeing a new home ownership theme?)
And a wood shop. That will always be the dream.

And the cravings of my car needs.

VW was my first ever car, i pitched it when i broke down and i should have repaired it.
Don't hate, it's my dream :)
Also both vehicles must be stick shift.
Do you love that when i 'want' something it still isn't this....

Tomorrow is my Birthday, i turn 28.
And some how this ended up being a car post. :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Goals 9/9

Set yourself up to reach your goals. Don't set your goals out of reach.
^ sometimes i need to just chillax.
Which is what i did yesterday, we watched some Trek and part of the new spiderman (lame, save your time).

Do Level 2 of 30DS every MORNING this week. - monday done.
Arms - M,W,F
Get 2 pain-train runs in. i am suppose to expereince pain from a 1-3 and never pain the next day. i want to push through but i also don't want to get injured again, but i still need to go out and do it. Tuesday & Thrusday with legs.

Prep quiche tonight for healthy lunches all week. - do this TONIGHT, NO EXCUSES!
plan tuesdays meal - planned.
Drinks - well i am off of the beer for most of this month as i do Shred and try to eat better but i did have two sunrises lastnight whoops. sorryimnotsorry. But my goal is still not to buy any beer. except my birthday.

Enjoy my birthday this year. Indulge and be ok with that.

I signed up for the Live More Weigh Less challenge via instagram. I follow a lovely lady on there that posted something that caused me to inquire more. Ok so heres the deal you get daily things/tasks you have to do. For example this Friday we are supposed to wear red lip stick, which is gonna be a problem because, i dont actually own any lip stick. I got a late start and had catch up all weekend. So my goal is to actually do these during the week. Its a great concept on loving yourself, and getting some garabage out of your head while trying to have a better relationship with food. I am excited that my birthday falls on the "tell your body you love her" day. On a day i dont want to hate everythign about myself, i am very excited for this. :)

Tomorrow I am going to do a "if money grew on trees theses are things i would want for my birthday" post.

Friday, September 6, 2013

TimBob'sBloggggggyBlog Questions

Incase you dont know, This guy right here is preeeetttty cool!
I follow both him and hims wifey.
TimBob is a funny guy and writes funny stuff. I think he also very famous on instagram.

I had nothing to write about today, so when Tim decided to accept his sunshine award today
and open questions to the public, i jumped on this bandwagon!

1. Whats the sexeist song you've ever heard?
Anything by Frank Sinatra... or Dean.... or Miles Davis.... or Etta James...

2. Dream Vacation?
Alps ski trip with the husband and my family. I did this growing up in Europe and really miss and want to take T-Dubs there so bad!

3. First movie you saw in theatre?
I don't even know? is that sad? I know i saw the Lion King, i can remember that.

4. Celebrity Crush.
Han Solo. Duh.

5. Your worst family reunion moment?
My family is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. As a kid i had a cousin who always belittled me when we were together, even all through high school. I know it was her projecting her insecurities on me, but it made me feel pretty terrible all the time.

6. Best Christmas Present you ever received?
Miliemun Falcon. Double Duh.

7. Worst Christmas present you ever received?
One year my folks went off on this whole "we need to be frugal thing" then they have me a digital camera i didn't even ask for. It was like like terrible, it was the principal that was so effing confusing.

8. Disney World of the Beach?
Disney really is the happiest place on earth.

9. Post a selfie pic of you at this exact moment.
No. #oneaday #instagramrules #rulefollwer @robine182
10. Post the 5th picture in our phone.
Nose bleeds last season a Illini Basketball! #bleedorangeandblue #fightingillini

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 8 of 30DS

This bisch right here, is killing me.
Level 1, Day 8, with 22 days to go.
I am resting on weekends because i am usually very active.
I am adding this 30 mins on top of my normal strength training at #5amclub.

Which is really disappointing because it means i am not losing weight because i am eating tons all the time.
On Arm Day (MWF) i can barely come home and do the pushups.
Also i don't have weights, i have cans that i use.

I am hating her. I sort of cant wait for Level 2.
As i have never been there before.
But I am also just deflated by all my poor eating.
I also wanna kick this challenge in the BOOTY!
I wanna do 30 days (w/ rest days in there) and hit all LEVELS!

(now till monday)
plan meals for the rest of the week and weekend.
Shred tomorrow and then on Saturday morning.
Run one minute outside tomorrow (leg day). I ran for 1 minute yesterday on the dreadmill.

I am going to attempt to clean up my poor drinking for the rest of the month.
Except for the 11th, my birthday. :)

22 days left, 22 days left, 22 days left...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

This Wednesday I am saying SO WHAT IF..
  • we moved our bed room for the 3rd time, (1 move in, 2 move upstairs, 3 move back down stairs).
  • im the biggest chicken because bailed on joining adult gymnastics
  • i saw a mouse in garage the first week we moved in, and i keep having dreams about mice in our bed. One of the cats slept next to me two nights ago and moved under the covers and when she did, i woke up and jump straight out of bed because i was 100% sure she was a mouse on me, in bed.
  • our bathroom is DRAGGING out. baby steps, people.
  • I am setting goals for #GYSTS, I started yesterday and ordered pizza.
  • i am rewatch Penelope for the 100th time! I Love that movie and James...ahhh james.
  • I am SOOO freaking over Jillian Michaels who died and choose her to get me fit?
  • im not sure what to blog about lately, i feel at a loss for words.
  • i probably cant blog because im super boring IRL...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Goals

It's true and its time.
Amber is doing this button sorta challenge this month.
So here go some September goals.
1. Track all weigh ins. Gain or Loss
This isn't a huge deal but should be doable. It helps me stay focused and encourages me to plan my meals and eat healthy.
2. Do 30DS 5 days a week.
This will be my first time EVER completing this stupid ass shit. But i joined a fb group and other ladies are doing it. so i should also be able to do it.
3. Try easing into a lite jog
This will be more difficult. With my leg, i am not only fearful but overly cautious on fixing the problem on recreating it. So light jogs to work on. I also just want to go on more walks. Hubs and I used to walk all the time, and i think that helped us keep the weight off, plus it encouraged us to NOT drink. But their are evil bugs in our yard that bite us all the time. MidWest chiggers? They suck and make me not want to go outside.
4. Do NOT EVER give up. And eat bad ALL DAY!
New me. New meal at every meal. Old me would trash a whole day or two and gain a ton of weight. If i have a snack attack or eat something bad, fine. Shake that off.

I choose who i want to be.
Time to get it. And i know it will require sacrifices like beer, but if i want it as bad as i complain about it, i just need to make it happen.