Friday, May 31, 2013

Gotta get down on Friday!


Ok, so today is a combo throw back and Friday awesomeness.

We are splitting from Chambana to St. Louis tonight after work to see our friends!
We are so lucky that some friends from back home (who set us up) moved to St. Louis a few years ago and that we are so close to St. Louis, about a 3 hour drive.
So one of our other friends from back home (NY) is in St. Louis visiting them for the week!
Jaydo, Taters and TDubs were all friends in late high school and college, and they had a little pop band for a while. Due to copy right i can't post anything about that without permission ;) Losers!!!

SOOOO TODAY IS ALL ABOUT JAY! - see what i did there..

He's an awesome friend.

Musician, Party Starter and Lightsaber wielder - at my wedding

He is also my friend. We got close in college, he was one of those people that still liked me as i was trying to figure out who the hell i was, and what i was gonna follow and believe in as an adult. that can be a deal breaker sometimes for friends. Not him.
We can disagree on anything, politics, religion, me being crazy and still be friends.
He forgives.
He is loyal. Prolly why he and i are friends, as loyalty is important to me.
Jay is always fun to be with, we always have a blast together.
ALWAYS A DANCER! and was The Dude!

He "THINKS" he loves Star Wars more than me. he's wrong.
He has notoriously taken AWESOME pictures with me throughout the years, I'm sure TDubs loves it :)
Good thing TDubs is so secure in our relationship :)

C'mON! We look freaking awesome!

  Had the first kid out of all us friends, and he's pretty freaking adorable. He is also named after Taters and TDubs. This is an old pic but he didn't have any up on his fb. ;)

He is also one of those people that even though I'm shitty at maintaining long distance friendships, i know i can txt out of the blue and he still cares, and vice versa. (sorry I'm a bad friend)
He can always make me laugh.

I can't wait to see him today.
I can't wait to play LOTR risk alllllll dang night, and maybe A$$whole!
I can't wait to get my DRANK on with him. :)

Ok ENOUGH with the mush! Jay is the coolest and is my friend (there are about a million reasons though, just scratching the surface!)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thirsty Thursday parrrrrttaaaaay!!! & LINK UPS!

Hopelessly Ever After

This is my favorite link up these days! (of course) Be sure to check out K-Rock at HopelesslyEverAfter

But I'm also linking up to the summa bucket list!! At da end!

Sooooooo. I'm not much for mixed drinks, so more beer this week!!

Miller High Life!!

Its Miller time!
My go too drink.
Cheap, easy, and always great! (kinda like me...)
Especially this week.
I have needed one erraday!
 I think its the short week.
Or just my batty personality!
Also, I'm classy with my Tall Boys.
I've been known to go even classier with 40s too.

Also I love this logo too, and the classic miller girls that are all worth celebrating.

The bottom two are the coolest ones they did 2 years ago i think? I love the AhmEEERIcan Pride that sorta comes with these :)

Also, I cut my husbands hair. That's very stressful for me. He says he likes it but I know, he likes it longer usually. Oh well it's done! I had to you tube how to blend or fade it! Wish he could color mine it would save us about $100 a month!

My big news is I ran 1 mile yesterday on the dreadmill and my leg doesn't hurt. I have a dr. appt where I plan on discussing my muscle injury. Its a little sore today. But NOTHING like the pain I dealt with for 2 months. Say a little prayer for me, because I think my recent few pounds of weight gain and lack of gym time is totally a result of this stupid leg thing.

ITS SUMMA TIME!!! -name that song
Oh boy! I can't wait!!

1. Camping! Lots! - already done is once in Ohio this last weekend. Hitting up a local one next weekend.
1.5 Con some newish friends into camping with us
2. Run a 5k and PR after my leg is better :(
3. Move into out NEW HOUSE
4. Paint said house
5. Party like its Hawt in NYC in July for my soul mate jenna hicks Domino's Bach party
6. Be active
7. Eat better
8. Drink less
9. Maybe not #8
10. Play laser tag
11. Watch Highlander
12. Bonfires
13. Grill out
14. Farmers market
And that's it!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weigh in Wed!!

Pretty Strong Medicine

This sucks! 
Two weeks ago I saw 179 for the first time in years

Well since then its been binge drinking and bad food for two weeks.

So I guess it's no surprise that this morning I was 183.

:( Sorry the gym has shitty lighting. 183.6 to be exact.

I had a gawd awful reaction to quinoa that put me down and out last week and then I had a pity party and drank for several days.

1. No more DRANKS during me week

2. Choose healthy when we out or at small group! Commit, damn it!!

3. Gym time every morning mon-fri no more excuses or pity. Do it.

4. Also maybe buy lifting gloves... Your hands are jacked today!

Here is my kick arse healthy post gym breakfast!! poached eggs and turkey bacon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

ThirstyThursday link up

Hopelessly Ever After

Ok, I'm blog-in-love with Hopelessly Eva Afta Kristin! :)
So check her out! And follow along!
She is hosting this sweet paaaartay!!

So, this is also a throw back since its been my fav beer of all time.

Best beer ever.

Ok, probably not.
But, I do argue that its the best cheaper beer on the face of this planet.
and its nostalgic for us, as we cannot buy it where we live now.

Awwwwe boo Illinois, and every other state not on the East Coast.
So, we make like Smokey and the Bandit whenever we visit home (PA & NY).

Fun Facts!
  • This is America's Oldest Brewery
  • David G. Yuengling orginally came from Aldingen, Germany
  • The business is currently owned and operated by 5th generation Richard Yuengling Jr. and his two daughters (who will be come 6th gen!)
  • The first brewery is in Pottsville, PA
  • and then they expanded to Tampa, FL
  • Back home (PA&NY) when you order a "lager" at the bar they give you a draft of Yueng'
  • True Story

Plus its got this sweet label.
I swear i want to love New Belgian just because they have the best labels (Fat Tire)
Yuengling also jumped on the brewery bandwagon and started brewing different types of beer.
TDubs LOVES Lord Chester field...probably because its fun to say.
Personally i love me some originally Lager and Premium.

And that is my favorite beer of all time.
its probably not that good :) its just what my family all drank
and when i grew up drinking
and what i miss about home sometimes!
Thanks, Kristin you are awesome for making this happen!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIW 5/22

Not my typically WIW... Or anyone's for that matter


Quinoa = rashswellinggrossness!
Good LAWRD! - Is what I thought when I saw my face this morning.
Think, heat rash gone terribly wrong + swelling.

CVS at 10pm lastnight to hope up on meds.
I was praying for some relief by this morning.
No such luck, for this bitch!
TDubs is in the same shape. Less swelling though.
Here we are, trying to be healthy and try new things. 
Enter Quinoa

Off to convenient care, for this Puffer FISH!
I was the first one, Because yeah, i wasnt going to the gym.
Which means I will weigh in! :) ironically. But with all the swelling I'm not too concerned with how my weight turns out.
Effer! up to 181.2.
Totes swollen, dats why.

And here is the nastiest picture i will EVA post on my blog. 

I am trying to do the same angle with my chin up a bit.
As you can see i USUALLY have a jaw line.
Also you can see my wicked scar from breaking my jaw. Funzies.
1st photo is from this weekend
2nd was done this morning pre-urgent care.
(also i just noticed how swollen my shoulders and collar bone are. ewww)

Two shotts in the butt, later, and my cheek and mouth seem to have calmed the eff down.
Neck and gullet are still all weird.
Ok Turkey Neck.

I felt like this, when i woke up.

Ahhhh such is life.
You try something new and 'healthy' and that shit LITTERALLY blows up yo face.
Don't hate.
But I (or the husband) will be eating this stuff every again.

So if you had a gain today, or just arent happy with the scale,
think about my TWO shotts in my right butt cheek
and how i cried in the office because the dr. was a total hairy nut sack.

Is it Friday yet?
Home work out tonight.
No pity eating.
Pray for my reaction to go away before camping this weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hopelessly Ever After

Prayer is a powerful thing.
it can save people.
it can break people.

I have hinted at my faith a couple times on here. And with all the social media anymore you can get info, trends, and photos of every single thing that goes national. Sometimes its hard to witness.
Like Oklahoma.
I loved, Hopelessily Ever After's video of the womans dog.
And her dog was safe.
Many people were not so lucky.
I pray for them
their families
their homes
their neighborhoods
their communities
their state
this country
Pray for Hope.
For most of us, thats is all we can do.

I saw this cool thing about hope.
You may have seen it before, but i never had.
It seems fitting.

Rev. 21:4 "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away."

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly goals link up

Operation Skinny Jeans
Weekly Goals Link up with Jess, who i should thank because this helps keep me honest! TANKS!

my overall was to simplify my goals this week...

1. Do not eat Dessert on Thrusday.. FAIL! Yup someone showed up late to small group with Snickers Ice Cream. I can say no to alot of things, but ice cream is NOT one of them.

2. Planks workout. Double FAIL.
I did not get this one in. Its gonna happen tonight. BECAUSE i did not get it in last week. heeeheehee

3. May Challenge. Ehhhhh....well i am still doing it but im not on schedule for the calendar. BUT I am still doing it! Thats what matters!
not. so. hot.

i am fearful this is going to reflect in my Weigh In Wednesday.
We were out of town on the weekend and ate fluff and PB filled crepes and drank lots of beer.
it will be a miracle if i even get close to what i weighed last week.

1. Eat small portions at small group this Thrusday.
Take a photo of that shitznat and post it so i actually feel accountable for it.

2. Planks work out again - are getting done tonight. Core. Lift daily.
This shouldnt be too hard because of a strained muscle in my leg, i am not doing any cardio. but boy is this like the worst! AUGH! We usually hit the gym every weekday morning at 5am. Today we did not.

3. No snacking post dinner. Do not sit in front of the tv = pack boxes!
We eat pretty healthy dinners and i snack when we sit in front of the tv.
we need to keep packing and stayin focused on organizing our junk for the move and the minute we sit down we lose our ability to stay focused. So the not post dinner snacking is going to go hand in had with keep packing. Our garage is a disaster, and i know its just needs to be done and it would prolly only take us one night after work to finish it.

4. Pray with my hubs.
This is personal. Its a good goal to have. and here is the reality, praying together is not gonna HURT either of us. So I just need to do it. I believe in the power of prayer in small and big issues. Not sure how to write about God, Faith and other bible stuff on the blog yet.
And thats a wrap! I am going to go to the gym on all my other days this week! We over slept this morning due to Star Trek lastnight! WOOT! See that sci-fi heaven it was AWESOME!

Friday, May 17, 2013

FRIDAY! where have you been?

For reals.
I broke done and had drinks on Wednesday.
In my goals to eat clean and healthy I USUALLY try to not drink during the week.
But it just wasn't happening this week.

Since my leg started sucking, there has been almost no cardio.
Which makes me a little bangbangcrazy!
 Cardio of any kind just makes me feel better in general.
I miss being able to run.

But, i got my DRANK on on Wednesday and finally did some much needed hair maintenance. I usually pay someone else to deal with my gray white hair. but she just had a baby.
So i headed to my nearest Wally World and picked up two boxes of a color that was close to what i thought my color was. But the white was about 3/4 to an inch grown out. THANKFULLY its now all DARK! Whites be gone (im not racist i swear)

Also we caught Iron Man 3. Meh. It was enjoyable. But i think i have pretty high standards for these types of movies, especially after Avengers was SOOO good. Who is the guy creeping in the back left?
Also, this sort of felt like a Terminator 2 rip off?

Anyone? Just me? ok.
(couldnt find a picture of the guy healing or whatever)

Thor The Dark World, bitches!
Channing who? is all i can say to that!

Also hottest villian ever.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday link up

Hopelessly Ever After
Awwwwweee Hellsss Yeaaaaaaa! 
i just found this blog through Brew Mama, and i totally love this link up idea!
might be an alcoholic. dont care.

 So here are the rules from Kristin's Kick Ass Blog!
1. Follow Kristin - do it MEOW
2. Grab the button, put in your post
3. Write about your favorite alcoholic beverage.
4. And link up
5. get ideas and ENJOY


I am a classy lady.

you have to drink this when you watch The Big Lebowski.
(which may or may not be a favorite past time in our home)
there are no other options!

Coffee Liquor - we use Kahlua
Half and Half

Personally, i like to add some Vanilla Coffee Creamer to make it super sweet!
But you could add any flavor of creamer, and now they make different flavors of the coffee-like liquors.
hmmmmm, strokes chin, i see an experiment in the near future!

This is literally the only drink i DRANK when its not beer.
i have been trying to mix it up a bit with vod-ski and juice for a less calories/healthier way :)
who am i kidding i still prefer beer!
But i am hoping this link up is a regular thing so i can do my top favorite brews their justice!

Anything can be solved with a cold beer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIW 5/15

Linking up is my favorite thing to do these days.

today I hated weighing in.
I haven't run in weeks
I wrote a pity party post about it but never published it
who wants to hear my whine? not me.
but seriously I feel like I'm really suffering.
running helps me DEAL and now I CANT and therefore I feel like a crazy person off their meds

180.6 -5/8
179.2 5/15

holy hell!
How did this happen??
I have been STUCK at 180 for months!!!
And now I can't run.
So I'm lifting all the time.
How, what, when?????
Drank crazy over the weekend? Check
Eat tons of breads? Check
Whine, bitch and moan? Checkety Check!
Still doing the May challenge? check!
Still going to the gym (even thou it makes me wanna cry because I can't do ANY cardio)? CHECK!

Honestly I'm floored! 4 years ago was the last time I even saw any number below 180...
(that was harder to admit than posting the pictures of the scale..)

Here's what I rocked out to on Pandora this morning!

No Pandora I will not upgrade.
You are free!
Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free!?

I'm sooooo bad at taking pictures of myself....

I have been "trying" to eat cleaner.
As shown here.
But I ate drank REAL terrible over the weekend. I am in a really difficult place because of my stupid leg i cut you
And I did stop weighing myself after the first month of being stuck. But today this totally lifted my spirits. I can tell you I have felt worlds better. My pants have gotten looser, I've had to tighten up my belt. Now, I don't wanna get ahead of myself, this is only 1 lb. BUT ITS ONE EFFING POUND I HAVEN'T been able to ditch for MONTHS! I still really wish my leg was better and I could run, just because it makes me feel good. But, I have taken to some other bloggers (MamaLaughlin and SkinnyMeg) and started lifting lots and lifting heavy. I have loved both of their arm workouts and have mushed them together. It works. Even if its ONLY 1 pound.

How was your WIW???
Did you have any NSV???

Monday, May 13, 2013

Manic Monday

Pretty much sums up this day.

Weekly Goals link up!!!

Operation Skinny Jeans

Weekly Goals Link up with Jess, who is totally awesome and rocks, and i think we'd be friends IRL.

1. Find inspiration: Ummmm i guess i did this, not really sure how to measure it. 

2. Mama Laughlin's Arm workout. DONE

2.1 AND I wanna "try" this plank work out ...FAIL. I did not make time to do this.

3. Eat clean. "bitch through it robin, just effing do it, you'll thank me 30lbs later". I'm gonna say 70/30 win/loss Thursday (small group night) is always tough. Got my drank on with the hubs on Saturday, and then ate lots of hangover carbs on Sunday. BUT we moved a ton of stuff on Saturday and packed like crazy. We are working hard!

OK i need smaller simpler goals and i need to get specific.

- was that specific enough?? This night is our small group night and its kind of a free for all of yummy bad food. YOU CAN DO IT!!

2. Planks workout.
Don't know if i need to try this at home instead of the gym, but i do wanna try this. This is also my goal for the infamous 10 Week Challenge hosted by the one and the same awesome JESS!

3. Keep up on my May Challenge.
Thanks to Mrs. Mustache Dairies, whom i love, i am doing this crazy challenge. I had to break up the sit ups this week, 40. Man, its gonna suck. But isn't that the point?

Also i rest on the weekend (we tend to be active on either day), So my day is offset from this calendar.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish The Sentence...

Link up!!! Sally Holly at the best named blog ever, might be my favorite blog to follow! And Jake who calls it like it is. But I love this concept!!! Although I am not funny enough! That's been extremely evident to me by following all these blogs!


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I'm not nearly as funny

My best friend says... That he slays dragons when he plays Sky Rim but I have yet to see it. I even watched him play for almost an hour one day and he was on some mission and was "stuck" at a dinner party.... Dragons my ass...

People call me... Robin...because that's my name. 
Nicknames: RAbes (babes with a "R"), raaaabin, bug, and whore (TDUbs latest favorite and Bitch! But he always smiles)

I most often dream... about him.

The best part of my day... The part that's not the other part, but the part before that last part. Yeah, that part.

I really don't understand... Science! Technology!

I get really annoyed... The person who doesn't stop talking to you AFTER you walk away... Like out of their sight, down the hall, basically out the door.. and they are still effing talking.

There's nothing like a... cold winter lager or any beer


Lately, I can't get enough... Big Bang Theory and Happy Endings both kinds, watch that show its soooooo good!

One thing I am NOT is... Into make up. I feel like a pre-K kid that colors so hard but i can't ever keep it insides the lines!!

I spent too much money on.... Hoes and tricks

I want to learn.... to read good, and wanna learn to do other stuff good too.


If I ever met ____jesus_____, I would... Be dead. Likewise, when I meet lucifer I will be dead.

I can't stop... making sure things are in their 'place' OCD MUCH?!

Never have I ever... consistantly found bottled lemon juice in the same place in the grocery store. stop moving that shit! it should be with JUICE!

Reese legit, she knows people should know when shit happens to her is going to go to "national news"