Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So What!

Life After I Dew

Late to the game, but non the less! Today i am saying SO WHAT IF...
  • this will mark my third week being "sick" in some capcity
  • i love the holidays but im not with the Christmas Spirit this year.
  • usually i can't wait to watch my holiday favorites...and i havent yet.
  • we leave Sunday for Florida for Christmas with the inlaws.
  • its supposed to be snowing on Sunday.
  • i dont mind traveling we do it a lot, but i am a terrible traveler while sick good luck T-Dubs
  • id literally give anything to not be sick anymore
  • a few more packages have arrived from family without notification.
  • i opened said packages
  • and didn't wrap them
  • i plan on useing/wearing one on Sunday when we travel.
  • i'm 100% selfish about Christmas, its my holiday.
  • thats not realllllly the reason for the season
  • nothing will make me feel better, and i want to eat my feelings. plus Buffalo Wild Wings would make my nose stop running.
And thats what i am saying SO WHAT to!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If I Won the Jackpot

The Jackpot is huge right now. I have never bought a lotto ticket. In my mind its never been worth my money. But in the spirit of all things blogging, this is a list of things i would do..

IF I WON THE JACKPOT - which i wont because i dont even know how to buy a ticket

Pay off our one car loan and the house we just bought. I hate debt, and was blessed to never really have much (family helped with student loans). UNTIL we needed a working car and then got this crazy notion to buy a house.
Buy a working washer. Ours was free from a friend. its older. but the hot water doesnt work in it. this doesnt even have to be new.

Pay someone else to finish the bathroom. Home ownership has been a series of one water disaster after another. And frankly I havent had the right tools for all the jobs, or the time (read: full time job, and travels too much).
 Hire a chef. food is my hang up with healthy life style. i want someone else to meal, plan, prep and shop. mkaaaythanks.

Buy my Dream Car.

Buy seasons tickets IN THE A SECTION. I am  huge Illini Basketball fan. Huge. We usually sit in the nose bleeds.
Save. Sad, but probably the most likely thing to happen. i often find Christmas money in July that I couldnt decide what to spend on back in the winter.

Give to the organization that we sponsor kids through. self explanatory.

Fly my sister to see me, Fly to see her. Fly. Fly. Fly. its a 12 hour drive back to Upstate, NY. Its doable but you waste all that time you could be hanging out.
Buy new running shoes. i bought some this fall, mistake. now i wish i had just gone to a specialty place and been fitted and spent $120. I hate spending.

Sell our house, Quit work, move to the Adirondacks! Live in the mountains.

What would you do if you won the Jackpot? Or any sum of money?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Busy is an Understatement

Busy is an understatement.
Personally, I wont sacrifice my real life for blog life. Just the way it is.

I started this blog because i was training for a 10K and got then i was injured.

Then it turned in to an outlet for grieving my injury.

Now its a jumble of things.

I'm not much of a blogger but thats ok, I only ever did this for me.

I cannot wait to get back to running regularly.

With temperatures plunging in the last few weeks, i havent run.

And for the last two weeks ive been nursing SINUS PRESSURE FROM HELL.

I have never had allergies, or sinus problems. Until this most recent year in the Midwest. No bueno. Lets just say i feel like i can't walk straight, exhausted, my head is 'buzzing' all the damn time. I gave up and hit up the doctor yesterday where i got a "you look fine" um thanks can i have my money back? Oh well. Needless to say at the gym, i hang on to the elliptical like its my life line. I tried doing month long challenge with Brew Mama and Fab Chick, yeah when i almost feel over in the gym, i said pass. But I am still going to the gym even if i've had to step it back some. I am trying better to eat right. My sister and I are going to try to loose weight by pie day (3.14). So this might turn into a weight loss story. hopefully!

We also have some friends moving back to town that i went and helped yesterday with their house. I love doing this kind of thing. And i need to work on my house. So things may take a serious back burner on the blog. It has for a while.

The loss of life in recent months has made me...reserved. But also the need to keep busy, so i can't sit idly.

So theres a little update on life. Oh, and we got an escrow check yesterday....for a lot of money... a lot. Does this happen every year? or just the first year? Hello home repairs COVERED! THANK THE LORD! (read: tile, tile saw, mortar, new fixtures, etc.)

Have a fab Thrusday, I am gonna eat right, volunteer for Meals on Wheels through my employer today, and make crepes for friends tonight.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Man, this is a busy time of year.
But look at this super cute wrapping my sister did with sheet music.
Dang she is one crafty mother effer.

FINALLLY, T-Dubs took me on a date to see Catching Fire.
I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Notice they finally had the budget to do hoover crafts and claws to pick up the dead bodies from the arena? Nice touch.

I think they have set up the next two movies well. Not sure i am on board with the two movies. But oh well. Here is what i am 100% sure of, Books are ALWAYS better. No matter if you are Peter Jackson.
Always. how many nerdy references can i make?

One of my favorite things at the holidays is a newer tradition!
We sponsor two boys in Ethiopia and this will be our second Christmas sending them a package. We have to take our shipping box inside in order to make sure everything fits. Biggest thing we need to learn, stock up year round and dont try to shop after thanksgiving in general. the stores were crazy.

Anywho, after learning our decision to never procreate was wise (read: Toys R Us at Christmas). Our box was bursting! We wrote notes, packed it up, i filled out the customs forms and off it went. Every time i talk about our 'kids' and Ethiopia i think its time to write a series about how all of that happened. hmmmm.

Kiki musta noticed i was lazy this morning, because this happened while i was making breakfast.

Which means, i have to do the Brewmama challenge after work. BOO!

Friday, December 6, 2013

I love it when i forget..

....That my employer gives out CASH MONEY as a Christmas gift!
I dont usually post today, but then this happened.

I forget every damn year.
which is fine becuase i dont want to 'count' on that money,
plus, i am pretty sure we only get it when the institute performs well.

$150 bucks is a lot of money to me.
now... spend it on me? Or shit for the house? i.e. freezer, tile, tiling tools, renting a wet saw, etc. or me = beer. :)

What do you think i should spend my money on? My cute Hubs HI BABY! Paint? Or beer?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fitness challenge

I'm in over my head and I've only done day one!

I stalk follow Brew Mama and Fab Chick on instagram and the blog land.
And i LOVED Alicia's amazing results!

But for real? day 1 is 50 squats!? Um.... hi...... maybe 30???

I am off on my days already. I did Day 1 today.
and it sucked.
But i have the image saved from instagram and i am just gonna try to remind myself that...

Well i have a million Christmas Traditions to read about today, because there is a nifty link up going on. Since I am waaaaay to into Christmas, i have already done this post, here it is!
I'll leave you with a picture of my In-Laws...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting back at it!

Holy Head Cold Batman!
No but really.
Last week T-Dubs was laid up with that shiznat! and then shared it with me. #worthit
So last night, i hopped up on ALL THE COLD MEDS! and called it an early night.

Its the first full night of sleep in a long time that started just before 8pm. Judge away.
Awesome sick selfie where i can barely keep my eyes open.

BUT, today i feel awesome! We FINALLY got back to the 5amclub! PRAISE THE LAWRD!
The Gym puts me in the right mindset for a good day.
I tracked everything I ate yesterday, and have today planned out well.
Trying to make good decisions.

I had ALLLLL kinds of time this morning because i didn't over sleep trying to catch up on sleep.
As i was getting dressed, i saw my already dressed T-Dubs.

1) he will always be super sexy to me, no matter what. I'm the reacher (how i met your mother, anyone?)
2) even when he is dorky i love it, maybe more.
3) ThanksMas was a huge success this year i think!

Biggest thing that helps with our long distance families and shopping is the amazon Wish List. The fact that when you purchase stuff you can take it off of there is amazing. The only down side, is our family really needs to let each other know. And they don't always. Well we had a little mix up last night andddd i saw one of my gifts. Downside, I WANT IT NOW! Upside, i got something off my wish list. Downside, T-Dubs feels awful that he sort ruined it. Upside, it was super funny to me because he thought it was for him. Maybe even wished it was for him. :) Super funny and to me, I'll take it as a compliment. Two peas in a pod!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Recap and Another Wedding!

Our Non-Turkey day was a success in the shrimp Alfredo way! That my husband made. Bathroom remodel went about the same as its gone since August, small step forward, three back.

We also exchanged ThanksMas gifts. These are gifts that are Christmas themed and need to be used for Christmas not opened on Christmas. T-Dubs, the original crazy-cat-lady, got an awesome sweater, and i got this SWEET vinyl Exciting Christmas Stories. Winning.
Friday - I worked. Nursed a hang over and the beginnings of a cold.
Saturday - Christmas decor went up, no photos. But some awesome friends we adore got hitched. Well actually they got hitched in Florida a few weeks ago, then had a super fun reception on Saturday. So much fun! we are so excited for them!
Cake toppers done by T-Dubs and a 3D scanner and printer! - then he made dragons with their faces as a wedding gift.
laaawrd please ignore the AWFUL picture of me... beer gut!

Type writer earrings, boom box necklace and chucks for the win. BTW sneakers+dancing = winning!