Friday, February 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence - Link Up


Whoo WHOOP! Itssss back! I am terrible at these but i love reading some of my favorite bloggers do it. and its always fun and creative to do!

1. I always pick PIE  over Diets/healthyeating/demons/huntingthings
2. Look at the size of those... Melons, Cantlopes, Cans, Hooters
3. I recently learned.... that if im being lazy and dont wanna get up to pee, but sneeze suddenly... well you know...
4. Only when no one is looking... i dirft into an imaginary place, usually to here..
5. I lost my.... Marbles! Hook? Anyone? Robin Williams? - brownie points with me if know what im talking about.
6. I was certain I'd be... fine the next morning, but that last drink did me in.
7. There is not enough liquor BEER in the world for me to.... act like i have swag
8. I just finished...this sentence.
9. Why does everyone have to be...using the self check out, when they don't know how. WHYY???
10. It's very rare when I...fart. true story, i like, cant do it.
11. If I were a dog... I'd sniff Chris Hemsworths butt, and Tom Hiddleston's.
12. I don't believe... leggings = pants

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thirsty Thursday!

Hopelessly Ever After
Cold snap! My new "spring" favorite!
Now, i know this isnt themed. But, I'm a beer girl through and through.

And not everyone loves mixed drinks, or liquor!
Sam Adams, in my opinion, in a good go to beer, for something more than, Coors, Miller, Bud, Busch, Natty whatever you get the point.
You can get their classic lager, or try any seasonal, they usually do a good job.

This citrus-esk wheat beer, is delicious. And is full of flavor, but isn't heavy in my opinion.
It is not fruity, light (blonde) or a lager. Hard to describe.
I will say this isnt a beer i can drink all night, its a few and then time to change it up. I also think its stronger than some of their others!

Feel like I should mention im a lager girl and a light beer sorta person. I do love specific winters and stouts. But for the most part i am not ok with fruity and lemon or shandys. Not for me, but i can respect it.

Be sure to follow Kristin who give s me the awesome reasons to talk about beers im dranking! I love reading all her witty drinks and fun foods! Plus she just writes about fun things!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gone too long

(xmas 2012 in PA)
It's been a while.
lessssallbehonest, mkay? Its be cold and snow/ice/rain/sleet-ing in about 80% of the country
Hi, Califorina, hows it going?

And frankly i didn't feel much like blogging. Other than all I can say is yes, i still love snow.

The cold not so much.
Heat is expensive when you own a house.
I shoveled twice in the same day....several times.

EVERYONE and their mother are cursing the weather.
I heed a great deal of the blogs i read, and one of the biggest recurring themes i see is "dont write for the sake of writing" or "if you dont have somethign to write then dont."
And I finally feel like i have arrived!

I didnt wanna write about much. So i didnt. Here is a breakdown of what has happened since New Years.

occasional gym for cardio
eating my heart out
ordering in way too much
made a TV room in a spare room
worked on the shower
hated working on the shower
prepped a room for paint
gym (?) maybe
finally finished the shower
used the shower
husband got sick

That pretty much covers it, less the snow and snow removal. I plan on doing a shower post too. Frankly, I've been burnt out on life. Last weekend I stayed on the couch, and it was selfish, but also wonderful. Winter blues may be happening. I also tried a new cardio thing at the gym....needless to say my old injury is flaring up. So i need to take some days with no cardio. which totally sucks again. All becuase i was pushign myself to try new things. So it will be core, arms and legs lifting for the rest of the week...if we even go.

Tonight fitness wise, i'd like to work out at home. We will see.

Enjoy this awesome pic someone posted to me