Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tips for Sally (&Tina's) Move

How to ROCK moving yourself.
Moving Tips and ooooh so much more.

Todays post is dedicated to Sally (and Hubby Jack too) who just got her dream house. And to anyone else who maybe be moving in the near future. Some back story, I have moved my whole life. I have never lived in the same house/town for more than 4 years (that was the 4 years i was in high school). OK ENOUGH BACK STORY!

If you can pay someone else to pack and move for you do it. and don't read this post.
unless you like me :) then read it...

Numero Uno!
  • PURGE. Go through your clothes, furniture and applicances. Donate and sell on craigslist. Rule of thumb i use for clothes, if you haven't worn in 2 years gone, if you can't part with it don't (ill come back to this in a bit).
  • Sell your couch that you KNOW wont fit or be right in your new place, craigslist, etc. One mans trash...
  • Pack the shit you already have packed. does that make sense? Pack the stuff shoved in cubies, closets, rubbermaids, garages, basements, etc. its likely you won't need any of it prior to the move.
  • I have always gotten my boxes from craigslist and hoarding them. Not for everyone.
  • General rule of thumb for craigslist items; "if it smells like a duck, if its sounds like a duck, and if it looks like a duck, then its probably a duck." same goes for shit.
  • Barnes and Noble SOMETIMES will give you their boxes. at my local one you have to call and make an appointment to pick them up. Hit up your local grocery (i dont do this, food attracts bugs, but i know lots of people who do).
Son of a Sea Cook!
Ok #1 should have been book movers or a truck. Always error on the side of a bigger truck. If you move your self its WAY cheaper to go big and make one trip, than pay mileage to go back and forth.  Hit up your local u-haul, they often have day labors boards and you can grab a cons number and they will move your shit. tip your hat to society.

  • Pack your stuff safely, bubble wrap is expensive. Its also worth it.
  • My husband is not OCD about anything, EXCEPT packing shit carefully because of all the original art we own. was that pretentious? Best thing we do, is take any or all clothes we aren't currently using (we always move in summer) hoodies, sweat pants, pjs, tee shirts etc and use them to wrap stuff. Same with kitchen stuff. Works real well.
  • News paper is also a good way to go! start saving the paper at work if you don't get one at home. or ask a friend or co-work to for you.
  • DO NOT PACK ANY TOWELS or BLANKETS. you can use that stuff to cover any furniture you need to protect on the truck. Towels and sheets also work as great packing for fragile stuff and art and kitchen junk. 
igiveita TEN!
  • ask for help. If your friends are stupid awesome enough to help. BUY THEM FOOD AND DRINKS! They are helping you move, you owe them a good meal. I do not believe this is "i owe you for life" sort of thing. If you order pizza or make me food we are even.
Sidebar: i love moving soooo much.
I am so good at it.
its like the only thing i am sure i am good at.
So invite me and ill come help you move, i expect free food. ;)
I may or may not have helped friends in St. Louis move this spring and had a blast.

TEN and a HALF
  • IF you get friends or family to help, be packed when the arrive. None of this "oooo we need help packing." have that shit done.
If you made it through this VERY long post I am gonna give you the best advice from my years of experience moving myself.

bare with me, just hear me out.

pick up your truck the night before and fill it with everything EXCEPT your bed. Make sure you leave room for it along the side or something. Then lock your truck up for the night. Drank, sleep. Wake up refreshed and rested for another day of moving. Helps if you have two different groups of foolish awesome friends one for the night one for the day.

Trust me. Just trust me on this.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional mover. just someone that enjoys moving shit way too much. my advice; take advantage of that if you know me.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Goals 7/29

If you saw on Friday T-Dubs had his wisdom teeth surgically removed.
Gross. Double Gross.
I don't do blood, I almost barfed twice changing his gauze.
Poor guy though he is in pretty rough shape.

Soooooo we had one of the first appointments in the morning.
Got home, set him all up to relax.
I walk downstairs and there was some water on my floors....
....no.nononononono! this can't be happening to me.

yeah, when we bought this house the upstairs/main bath had busted tile and we assumed The Classy Sellers were still using it and letting water just go into the walls. we had thought we would demo this bathroom. We want to try to do it ourselves but i don't have a lot of the tools to install a new bath/shower. Anyways, back to the water.

i pulled off the access panel and sure enough my spiget was all drenched in the wall.

This is the real problem, the tile needs to be removed and redone.
and because the tile 'falling' the pipe is now tooooo long for the faucet

Causing this GAP! Where water gets into the walls. Fabulous.

Lucky for me i found a pretty quick and cheap solution.

This fancy ($3) ring took up the space and i needed and i filllllllled it with bathroom sealer (caulk)

Operation Skinny Jeans

1. Finish filling holes in the walls and sand them down. Basement, master bed room and refill in the living room.

2. I will STOP eating the same thing as T-Dubs. He has been living off of ice cream, pudding, yogurt, and Velveeta cheese in shells. STOP IT ROBIN JUST STOP!

3. I will not drink during this week. This is soooooooo difficult in the hot summer months, but it cooled off for a few days. Honestly, all clean eating starts here. And when i COULD run it was much easier to not drink. Since starting physical therapy, I've been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster, which means i need a drink a lot more often.

4. I will clean the house. Seriously there is soooooo much more to clean than a 2 bedroom apartment, it takes FOREVER! But its gross especially with all the sanding, so i need to do a thorough clean after #1! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

T-Dubs wisdom

Poor hubby has his wisdom teeth done today.
I feel for him.
Pray for a quick recovery.

Happy Friday everyone!

Also Friday is my new weight in.
SW 183.2 over a week ago
And today this, so some progress

I'll take loss where I can get it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thirsty, yaaaaawn, Thrusday

Hopelessly Ever After
Irish Coffee! 
See what I did there? In the title?
I'm so corny I can barely stand it.
Well, it's my favorite time of the week! 
To lank that drank with K-Rock!

I only have to work 3 days this week and I'm beat!
Travel takes it outta ya!
Also i did NOT make it to the gym today. This week is kicking my butt.
And tomorrow is weigh in...womp womp.

Now just to be clear I did NOT have one of these this morning.
But it is a favorite camping and vacation past time drink.

The Irish Coffee brought to you by Boba Fett

Here's the deal, officially there is a recipe
When I say 'Irish coffee'
I mean making your coffee and adult beverage.
Thus, making your options endless.
Best advice I can give, whipped cream. Not just for coffee
I make my normal coffee, cream only.
Then I add baileys or Kahlua French vanilla. 
Drank up!
If its a holiday season sometimes I jazz it up with cinnamon or peppermint.



Irish whiskey
Fresh coffee
Heavy cream
And brown sugar
Brought to you by wiki.

Been debating writing a little more about my health journey. Not gonna lie, I'm scared shitless.
Mostly of failing.
But I joined Jess's fit camp and so far it's going well.
Also if you are new around here I have a muscle injury from March that I'm still in Physical Therapy for, and honestly I haven't handled that very well. 
insert copious amounts of booze
We will see what happens I guess. I'm on the fence.
Maybe I just need to share more in general :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


First off, I love Mel over at 4 Kottez.
And her last two blog posts made me cry.
mostly because i feel like i can relate in a lot of different ways.
i am terrified of discussing real things like my weight on here.
i live in fear of people judging me (but they doesnt make anyone stop judging me)

But her words are just great.
And so true.
I hope you can read it and really get as much out of it as I did.

Loves to Mel! :)
I secretly hope my leg will heal soon and i can run a race with her! :) EEK!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double (linkup) Header

Hopelessly Ever After
Thristy Thursday N/A edtion
yeah.....you read that right.

Ok so here is the deal.
I leave for NYC (actually NJ) tomorrow at 4 am.
I have had a drink (just one or two) every night since last friday.
I think its PERFECTLY normal to drink when its so damn hot and humid out. illinoissucks
Since, I usually do most of the driving when we travel, I get bored.
I need to be in bed at like 8-8:30 tonight
Water. H20. Hydration in the best form.
So drink up lots of water.
Either today or tomorrow with your Thirsday Thrusday hang over :) Like a champ!

Oh yesssssiiitttsssssbbaaaaccccckkk!!

If I had one extra hour in the day... booooooowww chicka BOWWOW!!

I wish my name... "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Batman!"

I think anything chevron is... chevron.

My last nightmare...that i was straped to my bed, on the floor and earwigs were crawling all over me...aweful.

Sometimes... "no......alwaaays."

My last meal on earth would be... pennslyvania maple syrup micro waved with PB then mixed with vanilla bean ice cream. enter 20lbs gained in college.

I would much rather be_____ than____.
poor & happy than rich & misreable.
skinny & a HUGE BITCH, than FAT & nice to everyone.
running than lifting
hulk than hawk eye
Turk than JD
Phoebe than Rachel
velcore than double sided tape
camping dranking than ...just about anything.

Mayonnaise... mans greatest creation, followed by saddlebag hips/legs

10 years ago, I didn't think... it would be 'cool' to like the comic book movies, go figure, after highschool

Selfishly... Schelfishly, Shellfishy, bellsfishy, hellfishy...fishy...fish.....

My favorite show on TV right now... rookie blue. thats like the only show on in the summer... OH Goodwin Games? that was ok. sorta funny but interesting too. Its on Hulu.

And, George Zimmerman... got fat! hello!!!! (yeah im not talking politics with a ten foot pole) though my husband explained the whole "Stand Your Ground" law in FL to me...and does sound an awful lot like a easy way to committ a crime. justsaying

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weigh In

Pretty Strong Medicine


This is one of the best online comics to begin with but this running one=amazingness!
Read it Now!
For anyone who has ever run this is awesome!

Booooo yoyo!!
I'm only up .2 lbs. 
you might wonder why I'm mad?
I've been weighing 3 times a week MWF
And by Friday I can usually be down to 181 or 180.
Then the weekend hits.

We leave on Friday for NYC.
I have planned healthy snacks for the way out.
I just wanna survive getting back after a Bach party in the city.

PT update:
I moved out into the play room, and boy did we play. Good times. Feel good!

You weighted squats people are CRAZY!

On a serious note:
I joined Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans for a private challenge.
I'm effing scared.
I've never lost my weight.
I've never even liked my body. much less love it
And I don't think I can succeed.
Annnnnd I have to do before and after pictures......

I'm scared.
But, I'm sick of feeling like this. 
I've been working my ass off since February.
I know I don't eat clean enough.
So here goes nothing.
I am nervous just thinking about it.
But i am sending my measurements and pictures to her today.
I want change.
I already do the gym 5 days a week at 5am.
I am already in the mindset to change my life. my body.
i am ready.
Shits about to get real.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Our yard was a hot mess when we moved in.
With a defunked pond with a one winged fairy in it.

Our house has had two prior owners, the original ones, and then the Sellers we bought from.
Some neighbors told us about the yard and how Maud loved gardening.
Maud's husband Ray was a painter which explains the awesome studio space.
(may or may not be why T-Dubs had to have this house)
Maud and Ray moved to their children 6-8 years ago.
The Classy Sellers, did not do yard work.
And neglected their older dog, and basically left him alone all the time in the yard.
this is all from our wonderful neighbors the Jones. 
They are wonderful, and the greatest part is the Classy Sellers set the bar SUPER low.

Basically anything we do will be 100% better!
Mrs. Jones just was full of compliments when we got done on Sunday.


My in-laws came for the weekend and overhauled the yard.
something they personally enjoy.
I would never put this much work into my yard.
or money.
they said it was their house warming gift.

Before Pond Area
This needed the most work...

After Pond Area
Now little garden-esk area


Now I just have to keep everything alive until they come visit again.
Now that i look at the pictures, it doesn't do it justice.
Also we laid a little more brick on the front step, there way like a 2 foot area of grass. um no.

I promise I'll get better at Before and After pictures.

Friday, July 12, 2013

"this next one...goes out to Erin"

I started writing this blog for me and only me.
I have several 'original' posts i plan on never sharing.
that shits deep.
What i never thought would happen is people would read it.
I originally wanted to link up with Sally on one of her Finish the Sentence link ups,
it was fun i am just not creative enough for that shiznat.
I am minding my own business today,
working, workty, working.
my sister text me this

Erin is my sisters boss and she doesnt just rock cuz she reads my wordbarfinghere.
She has DRASTICALLY improved my sister's quality of life at her job
She is also totes funny because we all google chat while at work,
and sometimes my sister copies me their funny convos! loves!
and she plays the movie or actor games
which we love and rock at
plus i hear she is into black dudes, or is it mexicans.... or wait maybe its Vietnamese guys?
she dont like no crackers! imallowedtosaycraker imacracker

SO ERIN! this post is for you.
And its gonna be boring!
Because i have work, der! :)
unlike you and my schsiter apparently!
And because im not creative enough to do anything else.
Here is where i work.
Eat this shit up gurl!

Also my kitty, Fizzy, fits in the bowl we have had for years
and we never knew it until last night
maybe she didnt even know it.
we call her "kiki"

Happy Friday Erin.
If i ever come visit, we are dranking together and im buying the first round!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thirsty And Thrusday

Hopelessly Ever After
Annnnnnndddd I'm back.
LANK UP DAT DRANK, thanks to the awesome Two Vodka Drankers
PS. I love Kristin's new blog design, she could totally do that for other people...
she might not wanna i am just typing out my brain on here.

the in laws arrive today
thankfully they always stay in a hotel
i try to be the best host ever, they are southern belles

DD (will's dad) has a drink so like a good person i stocked for it.

Tequila Sunrise
Ice in a glass
Mix OJ and Tequila, fill glass
Grenadine, pour SLOWLY over, let settle in bottom, PATIENCE IS KEY
Garnish with Orange slice or Maraschino Cherry

I am at the store trying to be the best good daughter in law.
Cannot find grenadine to save my life
also i only ever drink beer, so this proved to be a really hard task for me
I called T-Dubs twice "where do they keep liquor, do you know how many kinds of Tequila there are?"
Finally i asked for help dumbass
Guy had no idea what i was talking about
finally after a walkie talkie convo "yeah we dont have that"

Cherry Syrup will also work...i hope

We had a HUGE package at our door yesterday and i thought for sure it was a mistake.
Our besties from NJ (see prom) sent us a house gift
We broke our coffee maker on moving day, and are coffee snobs.
Also i couldn't find the part anywhere on the WEB! WTF Internet you fail me!
Its super fancy! We like! and are so blessed!
This note was inside.
We miss them all the time.

We had no idea how hard it was to meet friends as a married couple, they were really the first ones we made as a married couple then we moved!
This is just one small example of why we love them...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh In/Bad Day/PT update

Pretty Strong Medicine
Ahhhh the awesome yo-yo stag.
2-3lbs from 180-183.
This is where i was a month ago.
Gotta focus up and get past this.
I was 181 last week. Also Truth Gun, I am weighing in about 3 times a week :( but i swear its helping me make better choices!

PT Update:
Finally we are starting strength
I have tight/knotted/inflamed muscles on the inside of my right thigh.
The strength we did was core!
I hate crunches.
Plus I'm awful at core.
Which is why I'm prolly beer gut 100% of the time.

So we take this little ball and hold it between your knees or legs and have to do stuff with it.

Yeah I suck.
Core sucks.
Maybe having to do it will help me like it?
This is my new PT, Amy.
Shes cool and a lot more intense and ready to go!
I like! Heal me up! I'm ready to run!

Back to the jenky shock machine I used on my first day.
Yesterday at work was awful.
More so than usual. Usually i love my job.
Not so much as of late.
Anything that could wrong did, computer failure, system wipe all my data, pdf error = attachment fail to all the officers, on and on and on! :)

I have the best husband, he knows the way to my heart beer gut.
I came home to this! Murica, Amen.