Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mooses Be Thristy too

My favorite linkup
Hopelessly Ever After
I've been MIA with buying a new house and moving. Yikes.

Well I'm always jelly of K-Rock with her fun vodski drinks and what not.
and the fact that they ALWAYS have kick butt names.
Beer is my know-how, though. Stick with what you know!

Big Sky Brewing make Moose Drool
I love a drink that sounds redunkulous!
Also they have funky things inside the caps = funzies

They actually started brewing other beers too, and i love them so far.
We have not tried a lot yet.
I am excited to start!

Happy Thristday hookas! Weekends almost here!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weigh In - Back on Track

Pretty Strong Medicine
So i typed up the last weigh in on June 12th... and never posted it.
On June 12th weighed 188.
This was my initial weight in Jan/Feb when i started watching what i was eating and lifting.
I was really disappointed, but i hadn't eaten clean in 5 weeks that happens.

I weighed yesterday and today.

186.6 and 185
Ill take it even though I'm sure its water weight.
Back to eating healthy, no drinking during the week, and lots of gym time.

We bought our FIRST HOUSE!
WAAAAAAA!!! Also i spent more time in Home Depot (6 trips) than in this new house over the weekend.

TDubs wants me to make us a platform bed.
Aint nobody got time fo dat!
This is the general design for now...we will see where i goes when i finally sit down and design it.

We had HUGE amounts of help to move. Man, those boys unloaded that truck in an hour and a half. it was excellent.

My dad is super handy and helped us do many projects while they were here this weekend. Then they went home.
But this text message from him, is probably the highlight of my week.
Just saying!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekly goals!

Operation Skinny Jeans
Last weeks goal was to survive.
I did.
I've been blog silent, sorry, been busy.
We bought a house and moved all in 24 hours.
My wonderful parents came to help us with this process and my dad is extremely handy.
And installed under the kitchen cabinets lights in my whole kitchen.
it is great and awesome.

I'm thinking of doing a "how to" move. or something on that idea.

1. Back on eating healthy
we ate pizza and bread all weekend (Thursday-Sunday)
I basically stopped eating bread regularly last august

2. Gym time.
Skipped yesterday.
we have a bug problem in the new house and its been affecting my sleep.
and its effing gross.
hate bugs.

3. Choose healthier options for dinners out.
tonight i have a going-away dinner for a friend
rehearsal dinner on Friday
and a wedding on Saturday
but there are ALWAYS healthy options.

Two weeks ago at weigh in i was back up at 188 which was my 'starting weight' in Jan/Feb when i started tracking.
Upside, this morning, i was down to 186.
its a freakin miracle after our weekend.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 years married


Thanks for the coolest link up ever Holly and Mel. I love that it feel on my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
Mel, our song was Fever Dreams by Iron and Wine and yes it was before they were 'cool.

Some days her shape in the doorway
Will speak to me
A bird's wing on the window
Sometimes I'll hear her when she's sleeping
Her fever dream
A language on her face
I want your flowers like babies want God's love
Or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come
Some days, like rain on the doorstep
She'll cover me
With grace in all she offers
Sometimes I'd like just to ask her
What honest words
She can't afford to say, like
I want your flowers like babies want God's love
Or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come

In 2008 on this day, I married my best friend and on/off b/f of 5 years.
I was 22.
At this point our relationship we had only ever been long distance.
Country club wedding. With a star wars garter.
Meal was beef and chicken and a veggie dish.
Mom made a 'dessert' bar with all our favorite desserts.
We did cake center pieces.
Brown with an accent orange were our colors.
TDubs picked them. He wanted a brown suit.
My mom surprised us at the wedding with personalized M&Ms.
My sister probably took 100 hilarious pictures.
Thats the sash to the back of her dress.
She also gave the BEST SPEECH EVER!
I can't find it, but some day i will post it on here!
"you know you're in love when you let your sister and your b/f sit next to each other in church so they can play and write notes.."

We were graced with rain, twice, then a double rainbow at chruch.
The Mens got checkerboard vans as a gift.
The Ladies got a grab bag for the day of the wedding.
I love calla lilies.

My sister also can sing, like for real, she sang We Belong Together.
At dress rehersal my inlaw presented us with Personalize Wine! *heart swoon*
We did not serve alcohol at the wedding.

This is us celebrating 5 years this week with this wine. Its finger lakes wine. Hard to believe we've come this far, though 5 doesnt sound like much we have been through enough! :)

TDubs took me to Red Lobster i love sea food but live in Illinois
And then beat me at my favorite game, go figure

What would i do different?
if you asked me "what was your wedding like?"
BOTH he and I would respond "we had our mothers wedding."

Living at home, and still not being out of college (me), I fought with my mom alot and felt like I had to give my mom whatever, notice the no alcohol at the wedding...yeah. It was stressful.

Now that I am an Adult, i would do it ENTIRELY different. We had people there we didnt even know. Small, personal, maybe even destination, and BEER! DUH! It was a beautiful day...but...

The husband and I would tell you the best part was when we were finally alone. and on our honeymoon in St. Augstine, Florida. Where we turned our phones off. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Goals & Re-CAP!

Operation Skinny Jeans

Blerg, I am not even going to touch last weeks goals.
If you caught my weigh in, i am back at my starting weight, 188.
Shoot me.
Honestly being away from home 5 weekends in a row will do that to you.
Talk about eating/drinking tons of bad shit.

So new week, no looking back.

1. only one. SURVIVE!
We move this week. nuff said.

AWWWWWWE Kitty you help us move!?
They have been a tiny bit crazy.
Its weird how animals can feel stressed.
This is what happened.
this weekend.

I have a wonderful husband.
He loves me and is so good to me.
I have been...unpleasant, to say the least, with my whole leg/therapy situation, and now being back at starting weight. I am incredibly blessed, and so luck to have a guy that puts up with my shit on a daily basis and also understands its not him, when i am blue.
Thanks for kicking my butt all weekend, we are basically packed, thanks to you TDubs!
Also, no more dranks until we move. I gets grumpy the next morning ;)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Physical Therapy part deux

Noooooo my PT doc is Ginger. Although, she is not a ginger. She is a MS, ATC...whatever that means. It was ALOT less awkward having her all up in my bid'ness.
still awkward though.
i don't really like people in my space.
She is my gal with a plan!

Still included the shock therapy, which is still really weird to me. But upside is we used a less jenky looking machine. I shaved really well on de upper thigh, i was not risking the peeling-off-pain this week. plus we ended up using FOUR shockers for cross-current action. The pictures don't do any justice for my twitchy Mctwitcher leg action.

3 stretches 3 times a day.
I need yoga though. I'm not a good stretcher and muscles are tight!
Also no running! :(
I can do no resistance bike or elliptical. booooooooo
Oooor I can swim.

Guess we are gonna re-consider a better, more expensive gym membership, to get pool access and group fitness classes for some yoga. I may wait till after the move, and try some DVD's from the library first.

She suggested water jog with an aqua jogger.
Or not.
I'm not sure this actually works.
I'm afraid of drowning and while I can swim, I'm not good at it.

I need to look at this from the bright side, I could swim and get better at it...ihatethewater
It would be better cardio than no resistance on a bike or elliptical...lies
I can do cardio...butnotrun
I need to do some cardio and get some of my stress worked out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear 21 Yr Old Robin,

Dear 21-year-old-self,
Hey I learned to delivery messages from the future, and am risking the butterfly effect to get this message to you. So listen up!

Stop drinking keystone. You are gonna like dark brews.
Blue moons.
And Yuenglings.

Also this will help you NOT be dunk after two keystones!

On your 21st birthday, tonight. You are gonna drink j├Ąger. It will be the first and last time.

Take pass/fail for the real bad business class, and DO NOT cry when the professor kicks you out of his office when you ask for help.

Sit next to the smart kids in class. Get in their study groups. 

Learn to vomit whilst dranking. You'll thank me later.

Stop going home every weekend.

Get over the fact that your little sister knows everybody on campus. See above for how to meet everyone...

You will finally becomes friends with your sister after years of being gawd awful to each other.

She will become your person.

Sleeeeeep late! 

Call in to work a few times. You aren't staying there long term. All those crap jobs you are doing for them wont pay off.
Make your friends watch Star Wars, their husbands will thank you one day.

There is life after college.

Have a party at mom and dads while they are gone. Stop being such a chicken shit! 

Don't live with a girl that has the same name as you. Just trust me.

Start running. You might hate it but you won't live in those mountains forever, then you'll be faster actually running

Transfer to a GOOD college with a basketball team, 'cuse, duke, anywhere!!! 

Drink at home, it makes tolerating your batty family easier.

Tell mom you are drinking, your an adult now!

Ask yourself daily "what would Jack Bauer do?"

Spend some summer nights sitting on the porch with Max in your lap. He will be your cat for the rest of your life, but he won't be around forever.

You and TDubs broke up, you think you're being're not. It's ok to feel sad. It's ok to feel anything.

Be real to yourself.

Go easy on that one guy, you finally became available...

Continue to work on the house with Dad, that shit will stay with you forever. Same with working on your jetta.

REFUSE to junk the jetta! You replace it with a golf and its a POS! It is worth the money to rebuild the engine in the jetta.

Brush up on trivia, you'll be playing a lot next summer.
Don't moon on the highway unless you've tanned for at least a month. 

You're gonna get skinny fat but it won't last. So you can quit starving yourself now!

One time you're gonna fly to Cali. 3 HOTTIES are gonna be on a Bach trip you are gonna sit with them. One will offer you a drink.... TAKE IT! You'll always wonder if a great story could have come from that.

On a more serious note;
You don't know it but this next year you are gonna find your true and loyal friends. Its gonna be hard. But hang in there. He is gonna show up when you least expect it. Take TDubs call during finals week, you will question whether or not to answer it, but do it. And it will all be in His perfect timing. You made the right choice, you weren't ready, you needed to grow, and have faith.

You know you are gonna see him at your best friends wedding anyways. You have no idea how fun that wedding is going to be. And how different things will between you and TDubs. It will be the start of something amazing.

Low and behold in another year, you'll be at another wedding... :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Set up CAMP

I love camping. Except i ALWAYS sleep on an air mattress.
This weekend was a hey lets chill, be lazy, get our drinks on, by the fire alllllll weekend!
It was exactly what i needed.
Just a mini break from reality.

We went locally in the great state of Illinois.

Here is what almost always happens when we camp. We get stuck behind this.
Trying to get to the same place.

We set up shop. We have a four man tent, that JUST fits our double high air mattress.
I know I'm a camping diva. whatever.

BRATS! then Chicken n Beans!


Sorry, all my pictures are of TDubs this time. I don't have the art of selfies mastered yet. Oh found one of us...

We both love camping, and the fact that we are so lucky to have good company is always a bonus. TDubs has made skills.

He brings either a Uke or a Mandolin when we camp and he always learns awesome T-Swifty or Justin Beiber Journey for us.

After camping with 3 young girls with our friends over memorial day, glow sticks might become a staple!
We do actually go do stuff sometimes. We canoed this time. Our poor friends capsized on a tree in the middle of probably the strongest part of the river. Dudes lost all their hats, sunglasses and shoes. BUT they were both unhurt and managed to hang on to their car keys. I consider that a win.

But we have been known to get our hike on as well. this weekend was mostly R&R with lots of fire smelling food and drinks.

These deers were just chillin at the check in office. I got really close but my iphone4 doesn't do it justice.

All in all I love camping.
We did get lucky that our friends have enjoyed it so much.
Its always fun to go with people you don't mind spending so much time with.
Also I love the smell of camp fires!
Smells like AMERICA
Sidebar: we saw a camper with a huge Confederate flag at the camp ground. I was surprised, but I am from the northeast. So i don't know better, i also stare. I'm a keeper!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly goals 6/10

Operation Skinny Jeans

1. No vegging in front of the TV. Pack boxes until at least 8 pm or do other chores. TV time can start after 8 pm. Or goodness, spend quality time together. :)
- DOMINATED THIS! We got tons packed and cleared out some space to actually move around.

2. No beer during the week. FOREVER!
- Fail! BUT, I had a kitchen fire, and we did walk to get the beer. It was a necessity at that point. I bake bacon in the oven and the grease spilled into the bottom and i opened the oven and WHOOSH! Fire! :) We acted very quickly but our place smells and ALLL my scentsy are packed! BOO!

3. Eating out on Thursday, choose to spend more $$ and get a HEALTHY option.
- ....50/50 I got healthy then the girls wanted ice cream. I didn't even think. Never even occurred to me to eat healthy! BUT that night we had a party, i made homemade pizza (wheat bread, homemade sauce and cheese) and had 2 cookie and a brownie while i was there, and snacked on veggies. I showed restraint! Maybe that doesn't seem like much, but it was a HUGE accomplishment for me.

1.5 meh. not so hot.

1. don't cry at therapy tomorrow. :(
- I am finally getting my leg looked into and i feel more emotional than ever about it. the weather has been beautiful and i just NEED to go run and clear my head. Sorry, pity party.

2. Pack! & No weekday drinking
- This weekend is the FINAL weekend. getting it done. buying some disposable kitchen stuff to survive.

3. Don't freak out. Trust in the Lord. He is always with you.
- this move has me in a complete panic. It is affecting everything in my life. good and bad. and i just want to be on the same page as TDubs and i want to be working together, not just GETTING BY this stressful experience. I may or may not have been drinking in the last two weeks and told him i want to back out...


Friday, June 7, 2013


Welllp! I am gonna wrap two weekends in one. Mostly i don't do weekend recaps. But these last two rocked my socks.

Memorial day we drove half way to meet our awesome friends in Ohio at Hocking Hill State Park. We made their 3 girls light sabers, because as childless people you always give weapons to your friends kids. We camped for 3 nights, ate food, saw awesome caves, hiked tons, and just had fun!

we never did a group shot! Which will have to remember to do next year!!
This past weekend Will and I trekked down to St. Louis where my Friend Holly Helps lives, and our friend from back home had taken a vacation and stayed with them for a week! To say we had fun is a grave understatement! LOTR risk, Budweiser factory with free beer, dranks, cards, charades, and lots of just general hanging out and catching up..

I am sort of in vacation double depression! Its hard to see so many people we love and are far away! :( but it makes the memories all the more sweeter. So that's a wrap! Also i forgot to get a notoriously awesome picture with Jay, mostly because I notoriously hate how i look! Post for another day i hope.

Fun Fact: one of these tanks holds 200,000 six packs, there are 66 tanks.....thats 13.2 million six packs. yes please. can i habe it?KTHANKS!