Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Update/Weekend Recap

Here is my current update.
This Saturday is the service for my grandfather.
We leave EARLY on Thursday morning.

That being said i have lots to do to get ready.
yesterday Will and I got out and reshingled our shed roof and put the grill in it.
I didnt take pictures. blog fail.
It was also a pretty piss-poor job and it looks terrible.
Come spring the entire roof will come off, and we have that too look forward too.
Story for another day.

Heres the dealyo, i will not be posting everyday this week, and not at all Thursday till next Tuesday.
Its a 12 hour drive home, which means i'll be in da car all day on Thursday and Monday.
I apologize.
But I also dont want to fill the blog with pointless posts.

I dont feel like posting.
I dont feel like much of anything...other than this..

It will be better after i put this service and all the family drama behind me.

OOOOONNNN to the good stuff.
I had another Bacholorette party this weekend.
It was quiet the event at Vickies. This was a photo i sent to T-Dubs.

He did not respond with enough enthusiasm, so i did not buy
yes, i know i wasn't 'really wearing it.' hush your mush!

On to the coolest place ever! Medieval times! WOOOO! So much fun!
Even if our knight did lose! Fo-Stabbed. And died.

The bride was kind enough to buy us all flags, we very quickly turned into WOO girls.
And that was great and i had blast.
It was actually super nice to get away.
Now, fast forward, even to NEXT Monday and I'd be a happy camper.

Later gators. Dont miss me too much. i promise to be back.
In the mean time, stalk me on instagram. @robine182

Friday, October 25, 2013

No fun run

I ran this shiz yesterday, post work.
If you follow me on instagram, @robine182 i should change that to blog status
you saw i was not only having a long difficult day but i did NOT want to run.

And i did.
I had a new outfit and everything and it was about 34 degrees out.
Before and After. and a kitty photo bomb to boot.
Jacket: Gap. Pantlopes: Oldnavy compressions LOVE. Hat/headband/earwarmers: Nike & Champion. Shoes: Adidas. FLIPBELT lovex2

So I am still doing a C25K sort of thing my trainers gave me to work on. The good news is i am still getting quicker and i have no pain. double win. I havent progressed in about 3 weeks because i havent been consistent.
First two intervals were fine.
Its freaking cold so my breathing was rough and my chest was tight.

Man that last interval i wanted to quit.
I need a route that takes me in a loop not having to back track to get my time in.
I REALLY wanted to quit.
But honestly, I was like, "if i quit now, i can't say i did it tomorrow on the blog"..
there it is. I struggle. its hard sometimes. but this my blog so im gonna brag away.

small miracles - archer

Thursday, October 24, 2013

darker days

sister megan on the left. me far right.

Darker Days Ahead.
Understatement of the year.
Some moments i am totally fine. Others, i'm a hot mess.

I had chest pain yesterday i was freaking out so much about all this family drama. sometimes i hate family and their crap. then i remember they are family. I wish i had not agreed to return for the service and reception. Its turning into an effing wedding with all the shiznat my mother is planning. I am struggling with people (family members) not respecting each other's grief, or just being straight up rude. I am especially protective if someone mean or insulting to my spouse who has done nothing other than try to help. That includes encouraging me to drink, and tearing me away from my mother when i wanted to choke her. So he has his hands full. He is not a 'member' of the family, so stop being a jerk off to him. Thats how it goes with my huge drama filled family.

Oh well. Some days are harder than others.
honestly im just ready for it to be over.
I have seriously considered going on anti anxiety meds this last 2 weeks.
i might actually need it.
I really need a run. Free therapy, man.
so why can't i just get out there and hit the pavement? its snowing lightly, its not like i havent run in worse.

funky town. i guess thats where i am.
Upside read this 'song' my sister's boyfriend, SCHVEN (is what we will call him on here) txted her.

i like him already.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

so what button so what!

    Life After I Dew
I cannot make this button work, at work.
Maybe i should do real work instead of blogging...nah!
annnnnnnnnd away we go! Today I am saying SO WHAT IF...
  • I have 218 unread blogs on bloglovin. I can't bear to "mark read" on any of them.
  • give me another day or two and ill prolly mark them. sorry. i gotta life to live.
  • breaking benjamin is rocking out with me. woah angry music.
  • there will be 33 hours of Christmas music on my ipod for our trip back home for the funeral in two weeks.
  • ive been dying to watch Elf. It makes me happy.
  • i want to watch Hubby Jack's & Sally's Vlog but its like a half hour long! I keep watching it in like 30 sec bits.
  • i must have this by/for Christmas.  

  • new running sneakers would be great, said the girl who will be out of town for 4 consecutive weekends. #moneystight
  • i missing running real bad, but havent sucked it up and made time for it lately
  • i promised id start eating better today, then a friend txted me to do lunch at BWWW. Ranch Wrap is where its at.
  • everyone loves all things pumpkin. and this sign made me laugh and stop on brakes in the car on our trip. where.. just me...uh, ok then.
  • i have parents that love me, but that i also mostly want to throat punch.
  • i am terrible child, even as an adult.
  • Pour me another sparkling cider and carmel vodka. mmmmmmkay!!!
  • I'd rather be at EVERY basketball game this year than anywhere else.

  • Cliff Alexander better committ to this HOUSE OF PAIGN! - its champaign, illinois. get it?
  • Did i mention i cannot wait for the game this week?
And thats what i am saying so what to this week! Peace out chicas!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And I'm Back

You may have seen for one night a ranting post.
I can get pretty worked up and angry and decided i didnt want that out here.

Any Whoo!!!!
Who wants to hear about the 1,957 miles i logged in 13 days! :)
Also i know it doesnt say as many miles but we drove around a bit.
Vacation recap?
Alright. Here is a brief run down.
Snap shot i took into the sun that was BRUTAL on my drive back on Sunday.

Friday Night: arrived at 2am. My Papa passed away at 5 am. See more of that in this post.
Saturday- Monday was lots of family in and out, trying to make plans and service arrangements. Unfortunately, its not for another two weeks, so we will be driving the 1,400 miles home again in two weeks.
Dad had lots for T-Dubs and i to do. He is slowing down these days and isnt recovering quickly from his hernia operation. We moved tons of stuff to the third floor.
Dad did make some time to go shoot some guns.
If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything.
I am into guns.
If you dont like it, dont read my blog. end rant.

Finally, we escaped (mother and i dont always get along, ever). Friday (week later) was lunch wedding rehearsal followed with day drinking, beer runs, night drinking.
Blogger fail; no pictures.
Saturday: HUNG OVER! I am no longer young, my body CANNOT handle crappy bar food, or boozing all day.
Me, Bride - Jenna, Groom - Nick, T-Dubs - goshwerehot. justsaying

Wedding prep and Wedding time. Cried my eyes out, they wrote their own vows, the officiant did a great job, it was just so beautiful.
It was slightly chilly for an outdoor wedding.
But still amazing and beautiful.
Ok, so open bar but i was still gurgle-ly. Gross.
Venue shut down at 10, shuttle provided back to the hotel, where the partiers just kept partying.
Thankfully we got a ride with some sober friends.
I laid down in my PJs for about 45 mins.
T-Dubs really just wanted to hang with the Groom, you know, weddings, everyone is everywhere all the time.
So i put on real clothes, hoddie and jeans, and my favorite sneakers.
This totally refreshed me! Gosh i was ready to drink then!

It was nice actually to just sit and chill with a few people as the bar cleared out.
Then the Best Man was nice enough to share the cigars with those of us left. Hmmmm it was really good cigars.
I like factory wrapped cigars. Sorryimnotsorry. I hate getting chunks in my mouth.

All around wonderful, the Groom made a little speech thanking everyone and i love them and miss them already! HAPPY WEDDINGMARRIAGE TO THE DOMINOS!!

Drove 13.5 hours home from NJ on Sunday. Crossed 3 entire states widths wise.

Darth loves good breakfast
Horray for normal home, and normal breakfast with my 5 am gym time.
It was long over due, i didnt even have time to take a picture of my food.

Pumpkin Spice is No Where

Thanks, Loves! and for all the prayers and kind words. They mean so very much to me.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Death was coming.

Welp, vacation didn't really start out as planned.
My grandpa died shortly free we arrived.
Hospice called my aunt on Friday and my mom and here siblings gathered there with their kids.
Will and I left work at noon. 
Arriving at 1:30 am eastern time.
Papa died at 5:50am, we had intended on seeing him that morning.

Is it terrible that I'm relieved I didn't have to see him struggle and suffer?
I prayed it would be over? My memories of him are good, not of his final days? Am I a terrible person? I don't know what to do when my mother sobs uncontrollably. 

At least it's over.
He isn't in anymore pain,
And while his 3 kids, 11 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and many grand puppies and kitties (to which he included in the head count) are grieving... His pain is over. He joined his wife after 20+ years.

I love you Papa, I'm so blessed by the amazing man you were in all our lives.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The F Word

Today I'll do this...this map makes it look wussy.
its not. its 12 freaking hours.

View Larger Map
thank goodness T-Dubs is a hippie loving tree hugger. we own a prius.

And for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


TOMORROW i finally leave on vacation after work.
I will drive us as far as i can get, the goal is Erie, but the reality is probably more like somewhere between Colmubus and Akron, Ohio.

Vacation bishes!

Soooooooo after being crazy sore from BodyPump, i stopped running because im a scardy cat!
Yesterday I got back out there, and posted the selfie whilst waiting for T-Dubs.
Not only that, my leg was F.I.N.E!
how did that happen??? honestly i think part of it is learning to rest with my body needs it.
yes, i think i rested a little too much. i did not anticipate how this week was going to go with late nights, packing for colder weather, planning and then dealing with a pipe leaking.
T-Dubs was a good sport and ran with me lastnight. He usually rides his bike but its broke right now.
We did 1 min walks 6 mins runs, 3 times.

These numbers dont reflect the intervals.
But I am still very happy with my pace.
I was surprised to get over 2 miles as well.
I feel like a ninny saying that, actually i feel like a ninny about all my recovery runs so far.
BUT i have got to start somewhere and get it in! So here is to being more bold with sharing!

What app do you use? How do you do intervals? How do you wear your phone? - I use runtastic, and a free interval timer, and put my phone in my flipbelt. I dont pay for apps.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So What Wednesday!

    Life After I Dew
Two more days till i put this city in my rear view!
Two more days to PA mountians, beautiful countryside, rivers and lakes, and my folks house.

Today i am saying SO WHAT to....
  • supernatural premered lastnight and i dont have tv. i watch everything via the interwebs. this meant i had to stay off of twitter. booo.
  • if i want to chop my hair off after this wedding, but im chicken shit. im having a diva moment.
  • my sisters boy friend is gearing up to meet me and asked her to text me this:
  • i am pissy and stressed about visiting people when we get back 'home,' why cant we just relax? this is our vacation afterall.
  • if i am so excited our besties are getting married but im also worried about wedding drama
  • if there IS wedding drama (there always is)! I will make the best of it and dance my ass off.
  • i can't fix a single shower in our home. time to start penny pinching.
  • if i found mold growing in the ceiling tile in our closet today. and i dont even know how to begin to deal with that.
  • if i think it would be best to tear out ALL the interior walls and start over with this house. Then i could put shit where i want it.
  • if T-Dubs brought up starting to save money for our next big purchase... "you know like a new car or our NEXT DOWN PAYMENT" - insert WTF face here.
  • im a total tool that has skipped running and working out this week. I packed my gear, look for an instagram pic this afternoon robine182!
  • if i am still in awe that T-Dubs picked me. I am one lucky chica!

Thats what i am saying SO WHAT too today! What are you saying SO WHAT to?? Do you watch your shows on tv or online? How much do you pay for that?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The City Muesum

For the last 2 years, T-Dubs and I, take my Brother, his wife, and 5 boys to The City Muesum.
Pictures do not show how incredible this place is.
Think Dinesy Park on Crack. And then maybe you are close.
its hard to keep track of people so they wear matching shirts

So, in the tradition we took them again this year. We drove to St. Louis for the day and played! The outside is the coolest part i think. I also have only really climbed through this once and that was enough for me. It can be a little terrifiying! :)

Here is a great example.
This is bench that has a hole in the floor.
That a full grown man can climb into and disappear. TWO DIFFERENT WAYS!
its really just crazy stuff like that times a million.
All kinds of tree/cave climbing into the ceilings and floors.
This is a 10 story building.

I forgot to take a picture from the parking lot.
Thats really a cool way to look at it, because of the air planes and the bus on the roof!

T-Dubs is a good sport.
Silly boy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic monday


Day trip to St. Louis for the City Muesum to come later this week. This day trip, a surprise party on Friday night followed by a dinner thingy on sunday resulted in lots of poor eating. And 3 days of major D. (deigistive issue...dont make me type it out, just figure it out).

1. Make good food choices all week. - we will be home all week and we tend to do better.
2. Friday/Saturday no fast food. - we will be logging 800 miles on the car as we drive back to Pennsylvania, and on the way out we can plan and pack yummy food, which i have done! So we can eat well on the way there at least.
3. RUN. - i dont know why this has been harder. Last week i over worked my injuried leg and i think this is mostly mental fear. but the weather turned yesterday, FINALLY! And it is perfect for a run. so my goal tonight is to get a run in after my hair is done.
4. Survive this crazy ass week.

We leave for 'home' on Friday after work. I will drive as far as i can safely then we will crash at a hotel. then drive the rest of the way on Saturday morning. I have tons of snacks to save us from Mickey Dees, and got some Mt. Dew for caffine.

Home is going to be an entire other issue for a week. Without my gym membership at 5 am what am i to do????

Pinterest. Save me now! :) So i gotta find some non weights stuff to do. Though we plan on walking the 'swamp' on days we can, and putting up fire wood for my folks.

This vacation cannot come soon enough. i've been losing my shit at work regularlly lately due to some shitty decisions made by people who make more money than me. But, i am trying to see where this road leads. Maybe im even being pushed in the direction of another form of employment, maybe not. its so hard to know these things.

And the #1 reason today sucks ballz: our only working shower (main one is under construction) is also leaking water. Why couldnt that be covered by my home warrenty! GAH!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sunshine thingy!

So Kristin nominated me for the Sunshine Award.
I saw this hit all the famous bloggers i follow and i have yet to see an answer to why the picture or award is not the sun... im cornfused. Midwest joke...anyone...guess not.

Here is what i like about these, i usually find cool new blogs to follow because i like checking out the nominees and i love getting interesting questions. However, I don't play by the rules :) hee hee so im just gonna answer the questions.

Plus, how cool is it that a blogger i totally dig nominated me! :) so cool! WAAA!

1. Favorite Drink: beer. always a refreshing beer.

2. Perfect week night evening? I come home and finish up anything that is 'hanging' over my head; laundry, cleaning, etc. while T-Dubs does dinner. Then we have a meal at the table (not in front of the TV, which is what we do every night!). Then i whomp his ass in cards. We end the night with a walk outside in the COOL FALL WEATHER ....that i am sadly still waiting on. then is Business Time.

3. Favorite place to take a weekend vacation. Anywhere, we love to travel! St. Louis. Camping locally. Ohio to see family. Stay over at a friends and drink locally! Hey if you arent in your own bed its a vacation right?

worlds biggest bottle of Catchup

4. TV Shows you're currently watching? Castel! LOVE HIM! Bones, HIMYM, Big Bang, New Girl, CHICAGO FIRE!! Supernatural. Greys, dont judge me, i just want them to end this show already, but i must keep watching. gah.

5. Favorite Football team (NFL)? Kristin...dont hate me.... i cant tell you who even played in the superbowl last year.

6. Got any good recipes?? YES! That the spouse makes!

7. Favorite Comedian? Why? Older Dane Cook stuff, because he was funny, he was really good live here a couple years ago. Seth Meyers, no explaination needed. Jimmy Fallon. John Stewart.

danecook that silly bisch

8. Club, bar or house? Camp ground? with a fire and awesome food, kthanks, lets go camping right meow.
things that may or may not happen

9. Drank? beer? wine? ...didn't you already ask this? BEER WENCH FOR LIFE!

10. How excited are you that I (kristin) nomiated you? (stealing this from Jacq and Chelsee)?? SO EXCITED!!! I love your blog soooo much. And if we were in the same town (or side of the country) we would get together and play Cards Against Humanity. Plus, i think you could probably teach me football. Something no one has accomplished yet!

Please go check out Brewmama and her friends awesome Fall Friend Swap exchange! Its very affordable and will be fun to do! if thats something you are into! I would totally do it, but bathroom construction presses on this month on top of two weddings! :) no extra mula! Please check it out!