Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finally the shower remodel post

This took me way too long to do. But its finally here, the SHOWER REMODEL

Started in August after we couldn't stop the shower walls from leaking! Ended in February.
When we looked at this house i could stick my hand up behind a couple of tiles.
I thought for sure it would show up on the inspection and then we could ask for a credit, nope they siliconed new tiles on in its place. 
When the shower started leaking into our room downstairs, i figured out that the water was leaking in through the shower walls, it was not fun.

ewwwwww is all i can say, this was after i cleaned it, and it was still gross. 

We started to take out the tile...
the back wall was soooo DAMP it came out like silly putty..

Here i know you want a close up.
That's a hole in the bottom picture, under the faucet. a hole. (s)


Oh yes there was mold behind the dry wall! Nasty.
We put up new plastic, tar paper (roofing paper) and cement board.

Thankfully we have a wonderful retired neighbor that found out we were doing this all alone and offered to help, and bring all his tools we were too cheap to buy.
I didnt get to lay much tile, i was the tile cutter, we scored and used a wet saw.
T-Dubs did an excellent job, and we were beat as we did this in two LONG days.

I did however do the grout, and T-Dubs was the grout cleaner.

And what you are really here for....BEFORE AND AFTERS!

Yes we picked white tile and if i had to do it over i wouldnt have.
When we picked out tile, we didnt know we'd have any help and we wanted the simplest most straight forward way to do everything. I will NEVER do a tile job without a wet saw, it makes all the difference.
I also love my corner shower caddy.

I sprayed most of the hardware, ORB, however i'd like to buy a nice shower head.
THOSE things cost $$$$$! that i dont have right now.
This probably drives me the most crazy of all the things. It makes my blood pressure rise, i swear.
I'm OCD. I'll save my pennies and get a "real" one soon enough. 

All in all, if i ever do a shower again, i will own all the tools for the job. 
We could have saved so much time and patience if we had THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB. 
We ran into all kinds of problems. 
But we got through it. 
And we are super grateful for the learning experience and help from a friend!
Top Left I needed more studs in the corners after we put up cement board.
Top Right When someone else helps you, corners get cut, or not cut enough. 
Bottom Left Mistakes i didnt know i was making, should have cut down the middle of the stud.
Bottom Right And this is why there was a hole behind the faucet, there is NO support behind the faucet and the water control, so i engineered this weird set up behind it. My drill quit (i returned it) and it was all round pretty much awful to do. BUT my wall is much more stable that it was.

And thats all she wrote!