Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday

I'm finally joining the crowd.
This week was rough.
T-Dubs worked two 11 hour days, ahhh the students return! He works at the U of I.

Shoveled Snow Tuesday and ate cookie dough.
Wednesday - slept and finished said cookie dough but logged and stayed within limit.
Thursday- randomness at gym with new sauconys. Been logging.
Friday - elliptical "sprints". meals all planned

Upside: meal prepped like a boss! Got all health stuff for my weekend. Gonna log! MFP @robine182

Saturday 8am tiling, preped lunches, Chili for dinner.
Sunday Working at church till 1, leftovers for lunch, leftovers for dinner? or frozen pizza.
Monday  Bodypump
Tuesday cardio, core
Wednesday Bodypump
Thursday cardio, core
Friday Bodypump

Gonna try one more time for 3 times of bodypump.

I was in a rut this week, I had my annual and I weighed in at 10lbs more than last year. Slap in the face! 
I don't eat right.
Trying to make that my biggest focus right now.
But as you can see my scale at home must be jenky. 188 or 187 not sure.
I was 10lbs more at the Dr. 'plain that!
I am a so frugal i dont want to spend the money on a new scale. Should i just do it?

And my sparkly new Y membership has those old school scales with the slide things!

Ok, Itch came last night, he seems very experienced in laying tile but also very "does it has he goes"
No bueno, I like planning.
We start tomorrow at 8am.
I may or may not be up all night, and may or may not be stacking my piles of tiles at the appropriate lengths.
I dont want to get to a corner and end up with less than an inch of tile.

Its harder to explain in an email. For a First Time Home Buyer/Owner, this is not the kind of project i wanna do. Plus for whatever reason none of my cement board is flush. Driving me bonkers. And making me very stressed that it will ruin the tile job. I dunno what else i can do. If it doesnt work. it will all could out and ill redo it. I guess.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lil gab!

cold cold out!

But I finally made it to the gym. This is my latest fav song to work out too.
Tonight, neighbor Itch, comes over with a tile saw to look at our shower. Fingers crossed he thinks we are ready. And he will come back Saturday and help us do it!

Eveyone has priorties at the grocery store, even this guy.

I'm aweful at the sneaking photos. But for whatever reason this made me laugh and made my day at the same time.

Oh did I mention it's cold as frack here? And everywhere. Schools are closed again! Why wasn't I a teacher?? Oh because they are the most under appricated people in the US with terrible pay and parents blame them for everything. End rant.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goals - Fitness & Personal


So a bunch of bloggers i follow are doing this Follow Through Friday.
And i want to join, hopefully this friday ill be ready with all the goals! But here is a quick run day.
Today: gym fail - all the snow kept us in, as we were shoveling at 5 am the plows finally went by.
Wed: BodyPump
Thrusday: run dreadmill
Frida: BodyPump

Over the weekend i was about 50/50. Good and bad.
We did get tickets to the illini game on Saturday.
Play the freshmen they out played our vetran players, in less game time.
Little candid of our time, and our expression at the terrible playing.

WELP! I renforced the wall behind the shower. It wasnt pretty but i think it will hold up.
We got the final piece of cement board in.
The hole in the wall above the that cement board is for our new shower head, at a height that i can actually stand under! Whoop for getting that done!

We bought tile, tools, grout and moratar.
Then we visited our awesome neighbors the Jones.
And Mr. Jones is going to loan us a saw and talk to us a bit about layouts.
I am pretty gratefull for amazing neighbors.
Mr. Jones even offered to come help us with it, which i will 100% be taking him up on that offer. we can use all the help we can get, so that hopefully we dont have to redo the shower!

Happy fake Monday. Yeah i had yesterday off, i drank on Sunday and slept in. Occasionally i need a night off, apparently followed by a day of eating all the bread!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Goals review

Ok my goals this week / what actually happened:

Monday: BodyPump, stretch hourly / Done
Tuesday: cardio, core / Cardio Dreamill Only
Wednesday: BodyPump, foam roller / Done and foam rollered EERRADAY!
Thursday: cardio, foam roller, core / Elliptical, see above, no core
Friday: BodyPump, stretch hourly / Fail!

So getting back made me realize how much I had lost! Sooooo sore! I rollered ever night. And stretched lots.

We've had a late night week.
Basketball loss at 10:30 midweek
Running forum lastnight
Soooo excuses, but I'm trying to LISTEN TO MY BODY the year. 
And after another struggling to sleep night, when 4:30 am arrived my body told me I needed sleep! 
We slept!

Tomorrow SPIN at 8am!
A coworker invited me, so I'm makin up for BodyPump!

Everyone needs rest, but we are attempting to finish our bathroom this weekend. I have Monday off. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sharkbite and a burst pipe

Its not what you think, i didn't visit that part of Florida for the holidays. (read:swamps)

We got new clickers for opening our garage, only problem is they weren't working right and we kept thinking we had fixed the problem.
Polar Vortex hits, middle of the night our garage opened, unbeknownced to us.
Morning, no water.
Yup, our pipes froze.
So we went to work all gross.
I was so stressed i finally just took a half day to go deal with it.
When i got back.
3 pipes had burst.

We got super lucky on all accounts. First very little water because we shut of the main when we realized that morning.

Second, what my head had invisioned as a pipe burst, was over dramatic. This is what it looks like.

Third, two of my breaks were AFTER the shut of value for a facute in the garage that we dont use. So i just shut them off.

Fourth & Fifth. Plumber put me on a wait list till "maybe Thursday". My dads the best. I was frequently calling my Dad, he started sending me videos on how to fix it myself.

Off to the store i went for a Sharkbite. soldering-less way to fix a burst pipe.
Of course i had to buy a pipe cutter, duh, I am a new home owner.

Copper. I followed the video i found of Sharkbite replacing a burst pipe and the instructions on the bag.

About this point i had an anxiety attack.
Head between knees.
Just breathe.
Dad text message "I believe in you, you can do this!"
My dad wins again.

Sharkbite slipped on to the 'slip-on' edge just fine.
My phone rings, its the plumber who i was on wait list for 3 days later. They were in my neighborhood and would be over in 10 mins. Divine Intervention!

I couldn't quiet to get fitting down on the bottom portion of my pipe.
But a plumber came, popped it on and turned on the water. He told me i bought the right brand and that they had several on the truck.
Then.... He didnt charge me!

How many good things can happen!?!?! Seriously.
We got so lucky. I believe in God and i was sure to be thankful immediately after the plumber left. may have cried a bit.

Sharkbite was in all the local Harware stores, and i was able to pick one up for about $11. For not having to sweat (thats what its called when you asolder copper pipes together) new copper in there i was very happy.

However, only downside, apparently you have to be a man in order to actually install it. i jest but seriously, i could not get it back down far enough against my other portion of pipe. i was just going to wait until my spouse got home.

Sharkbite was quick and easy to use except that i wasn't entirely strong enough. Sharkbite is not paying me to say any of this, all my opinions are my own!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gift high lights

I have already shared my sweet iron man fingerless gloves.
I scored some other awesome gifts this year!
And I thought I'd share some of the nerdy awesome.

A LOTR scarf that I had my eye on forever!

This kick ass blender stick that I used for soup last night. I die. So awesome.

The dreams of my wish list coming true. Seriously, this is the best drill.

Earrings to match a necklace I got in a wedding earlier this year.

Kick butt Christmas tees for T-Dubs and myself. We match on Christmas. Don't judge.

The Star Wars comics that I'm 100% nerding out to all the time and a hand made print from T-Dubs that doesnt have a frame yet. More Star Wars, I wont bore you with the dorky details. I love Christmas a great deal. But I especially love spending it with my family. However, next year I think I will stay home and enjoy making my own traditions.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Goals and fitness

Tooooo long, far too long!

Finally sick of the holiday jiggle and ready to get serious again. It was so nice to run in warm weather in FL over Christmas buuuut not in the Midwest!

This weeks goals!
Monday: BodyPump done, stretch every hour set my phone
Tuesday: cardio, core at home later
Wednesday: BodyPump, foam roller sesh
Thursday: cardio maybe a run, foam roller, core later!
Friday: BodyPump, stretch hourly

That's right BodyPump 3 DAYS!! I'm shaking and my legs feel like jello but I gotta keep with it.

I also will LOG on MFP mon-fri. Weekends are messy with living life so I don't normally log. Find me and let's be friends! Robine182

My first real day back after 5amclub

What are your goals?? Do you prep meals? Plan dinner? Sweat sesh?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday Hiatus

Like everyone else in the bloglands, i took a break from medias.

We headed to Florida this year to visit my in laws who are wonderful and generous people. But, for whatever reason i never completely feel....settled? relaxed? at ease? Its nothing personal, its probably my own insecurities. But we had a great time visiting their new home in FL. It was 85 out HOT AS BALLS the first two days. I like snow and cold. MKAY!

Highlights: Christmas Eve in our Honeymoon spot, St. Augustine, FL.
Face Time with my family back in PA, including snow on Christmas Day.
I got a few sandy, back road runs in. Nothing over 2 miles and it was hot. But i made a friend.

We stopped off in NC to visit T-Dubs bro and his family, who gave us a nice relaxing lazy stay. We got home and RELAXED. I played my new Lego Wii Pirates game and Netflix binged.

Oh this was my favorite Christmas gift of all!

Then we got hit with the weather ERRRR body is getting. And then my pipes frozen and then burst. More on that next time. Expect a post about repairs soon!