Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Hutch Make Over

We found this beauty on the side of the road, next to a vacant house.

And we took it! It was VERY beat up. Broken selves, drawers and hinges! The hinges were the toughest part to figure out. 
This became my 'fun project' as other things on the house slowed or i got stuck, i got to work on this gem and get my first REAL experience with trying to make something look old.

But first the HORRID varnish had to go. We spent a few hours here and there for about 2 months sanding. like i said this was just a fun project, no goals!

We decide this would go in our kitchen (which is a post for another day with money we don't have). So White was the ultimate goal. We love/use Benjamin Moore paints. Our white is White Wisp. And it nice and dull and subtle. After apartment life the last thing we wanted was any GLOWING whites in our home.

So i did some PINTEREST research. You can catch my various pins over here on my pinterest boards. I was pretty worried about staining anything. 20/20 hindsight my friends. So i took some extra paint and did layers. Then the white as the final color and sanded back down to the colors. Now i think it came out ok, but it was WAY more work than it should have been to sand down to the color.

Also BM paints are amazing so the bonded together... and i could not get most of the brown look i wanted. But oh well! Fun project, remember. The method of multi paint layers and sanding involves one major thing. LOTS OF SANDING! 

But our fun project came long! It already houses a bunch of "pantry" like stuff for us. I love the hard ware too. Its all the same except the hinges. It really needs new drawer slides, but i think thats going to be a project for another day :) 

And yes that is our shot glass collection across the top. We like it. It serves us very well right now. PLUS it was FREE! I had to buy one small can of brown paint, and sand paper, and a new piece of ply for the shelves inside. Which i can always add more. This thing is HEAVY solid wood, it was a great find, and it was (mostly) fun to do!! Experience, knowledge... 


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  1. Yay for re-purposing! I love finding furniture on the side of the road!!